What is Soulffluence?

Soulffluence is a way of life. It’s based on a certain set of ideas and values, which determine the behaviors that are expected and accepted, for the purpose of having the soul, the “truest boss”.

So many people talk about the authentic self, greatest version and so on, using descriptions like ‘culture of belonging’, ‘aligning culture’ or ‘ascension culture’. Certain values are used to underpin ‘the culture’ but there is no explicit clarity around what is expected from the people stumbling upon it or working through it. 

Many say that soul alignment has nothing to do with healing. If that is true, why do most people who choose to align with the influence and affluence of the soul, never fully master it? 

Without knowing how, in precise order, how are people supposed to ‘live and breathe’ a way of living, when they don’t really know what it looks and feels like to achieve in reality. No wonder people don’t see sustained results in their day-to-day lives, even after decades of trying.

Brand Story

Every initiative starts with a story, need, or problem. I have an inspiring story too, which has guided me to start Soulffluence. I feel it would be incomplete without mentioning my story. Because if you are coming to me, you should be well aware that I am the right one for you.

Hi! My name is Aurora Alexandru, and I have been on my spiritual journey for over three decades. I am an illuminated twin soul whose origins belong to a rare soul group type, called Mission Realmer. My teacher guide is Jesus Christ, who assists me in my healing sessions. I enjoy channeling messages and information with Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, who is one of my master guides.
Like many, I struggled in finding the real purpose of some experiences in my life. I was not looking for one certain magic “affirmation” that would show its effects on me instantly, but I was dumbfounded that after two decades of inner work, with only 2% improvement in all areas of my life, especially when this was my profession and I was lucky to have such wonderful spirit guides. The struggle continued for years. Luckily, I kept on searching for answers to my main question, “why was nothing working as the experts were stating?”, until one day the answer became apparent. So, I decided to put that wisdom and my experience to use for the benefit of others.
The thirty years of learning helped me gained so much that I felt a responsibility to share with others who are in need just like I was. I thought that I should not let others face those tough times that I have gone through. Relating to others’ frustrations has pushed me for excellence in every session that I have done.
Moreover, I am an intuitive writer, published author, and I paint soul portraits. I am a mother, and I love spending time with children and my large extended family. I do not claim to be unique nor powerful, even though I was called on more occasions that I can think of, “ fairy godmother”, “Earth angel” and my all-times favorite “human x-ray”. I was also called other names, not so endearing. However, through years of hard work, discipline, and soul-searching, I’ve gained wisdom that proves to work for many. I don’t believe in saving the world, but I do believe in striving to free ourselves from Ego identification, which helps raising the collective consciousness of humanity.

Our Approach

Soulffluence is established with a holistic approach and simple objective: to make you smile by bringing more clarity, relief, and maturity, through the influence and affluence of none other than you own Soul.

Our Vision

To support human consciousness in a world where Soulffluence plays a leading role in aligning personal desires with the soul’s purpose of every human and to build a community of humble, accepting, and higher vibration people, by improving the quality of your life.

I know that every challenge that you are currently facing, requires personalized coaching & consulting. I am very passionate about empowering you to uncover your beautiful authentic self and make Soulffluence a way of life.

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