A RIGHT Approach to Accelerate Your Twin Flame REUNION

Using years of experience with the most effective, efficient, and proven methods that will save you valuable time and tons of money.

Do these questions describe You?

  • Are you looking for fast results to reach the Twin Flame inner union with peace of mind?
  • Have you wonder why your prior efforts to reach harmony seem to not bear any results?
  •  Have you ever asked yourself is healing even happening at all?
  •  If our souls align and merge together, why are we in separation?
  •  Have you ever felt that you go in circles and spiral down during the separation stage?
  •  Have you ever felt doubts and bitterness and hopelessness in the searching stage?
  •  Have you ever felt that you are wasting your time, and nothing will ever change, especially your Twin?


Your answer is yes, to all, or most of these questions!

If you are frustrated by experiencing another separation, another ghosting from your Twin Matrix, and yet, another karmic partner seems to have replaced, most likely you are experiencing a lot of heartache. I know how you feel. It was not too long ago when I found myself in the exact same position. I  was beginning to get fearful that I would never reach Surrender, nor any kind of Union, inner or with my Twin. I always felt there is way too much contrast between the love I felt and the pain I felt, too drastic of a change between the Twin I knew, with the Twin who had become during the Process of Purification.

Worse yet, I felt I was in a very toxic relationship that added nothing positive to my life, to the contrary, it appeared to be the CAUSE of all my inner and outer turmoil

We Know That

  • Twin Flames Journeys are notoriously challenging to manage.
  • We do not want to experience the separation with our Twin.
  • We want to avoid making mistakes that prolong or damage the connection we have.
  • We need to remain trusting in a divine plan that nobody seems to have a clue about it
  • We cannot close our hearts.
  • We can’t forget about them.
  • We should not obsess over our Twin.
  • And the biggest of all, we truly want to be seen, heard, understood and to achieve inner harmony and Union.

But you must be thinking, how will it be done?

Because I want to save you time, which I personally lost trying to navigate the twin flame waters, I created this home-study, with modules in the precise order that minimize pain, and shortens the time for purification. This program was channeled with Edgar Cayce and Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

Doing something in precise sequence is the most crucial part of this journey. The Twin Flame Process itself has stages, which means, there is a system to this madness, and the soul alignment happens also, in a sequence.

Yes, it is true, soul alignment happens by the works of our Higher Self with God.  But it is also true, we MUST position ourselves for that to happen. Intention alone doesn’t seem to work, without the inner work, which many know it is healing,

But what is healing?

Healing is coming face to face with the truth of who we are, and what we really feel, the good, the bad and the ugly. Healing is being aware of the truth, willing to let go of what no longer serves us, and the engine for ascension and soul alignment. There is NO way around it.

Moreover, my purpose is not merely to give you information about the Twin Flames, but to offer you my own strategy for healing and soul alignment. personally, helping you in becoming free from any restrictive energies that you may carry and facing hundreds of templates that may prevent you from achieving inner union.

The course is NOT only to get your Twin to talk to you or return. The course will help you instantly to have “peace of mind” and “spiritual growth”.

The course is based on the idea “everything you need is already inside you” , and it’s time you use it to your advantage.




About The Course

The course has a very unique structure :

  • Introduction, important information about the Twin Flame Process that Twin Souls need to know. 
  • A companion work-book, with 122 MODULES 
  • Each module has brief explanation, thought provoking questions  in a worksheet format, to be answered, and a practice exercise to release and align.
  • There are 44 professional healing transmutations in mp3 format, to support your homework.

 The material in the LESSON is intended to PURIFY OF VERY SPECIFIC ISSUES, YOUR AURIC FIELD AND ENERGETIC BODIES at very deep levels. Some issues are very hard to transmute! Very hard and professional help is needed.

This is why, AS A BONUS, I included a 30 minutes consultation and 1- month group healing and accelerations, available ONLY for this course.

Course is launching on January 1st, 2022, and all material will be delivered to you on that day.  

On pre-order, you will receive the first five modules,  for $100.  If not satisfied,  and you consider this course is not for you, you will be refunded in full. 

What to Expect from this Home-Study Course


  • Doing Inner work efficiently.
  • Avoiding making the most common mistakes.
  • Having a strategy, a recipe that is proven to yield results.
  • Reaching well-being and peace of mind, using the audios when in emotional pain.
  • Bring an end to misunderstanding.
  • Clarity on what does it really mean and how roots of problems really show up in your life.
  • Save time and money
  • The ability to achieve surrender stage faster.
  • The chance to reach Inner Union and Outer Union.
  • Clarity and ability to start illuminating at a faster pace
  • And much more.

But do not take my word for it, see what other people are saying about it…

Welcome to our community of persistent winners! You will have absolute fun the whole time!

Aurora has been with me through my life journey and guiding directions so I can control my own ship to move forward. I really have no idea how I would go through without her help. She gave me my hope back and joie de vivre. She helped me choose a career, deal with midlife crisis – divorce, shifted my mentality from victim to winner. Thanks so so much! USA, Calista, 9/5/2021


The help I got from is beyond words. You give me an exceptional clarity on the situation at hand. You are always honest from your heart and your suggestions have been for my best interest. You have a beautiful heart and desire to help others, that's what makes you stand out from others. Thank you for each and every time you have helped me. Appreciate a lot. USA, Yvonne, 6/23/2021

United Arab Emirates

Phenomenal experience! This advisor is extremely accurate at digging deeply and knowing specifically what is going on without any info given. Everything addressed was accurate, detailed and left me in awe. It’s amazing to listen to someone break down your entire situation and the exact personalities of others as if she knew us. A must call! Will definitely be calling again! Thank you and much love always! 🙂 USA, Alexei, 3/08/2020

United Arab Emirates