Crystal Healing

Don’t let anyone dull your spark!

Have you ever wondered why diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are more exquisitely beautiful and bring that pizzazz to jewelry?

I know I have!

Long ago, I discovered that crystals and gemstones, much like trees, plants, and herbs are in sync with the vibrations of the earth, thanks to their formations. This means that they are capable of healing. All they have to do is to dissolve our kinks into their own energetics and lift out vibrations. Simply put, they help to prevent things and people that try to dull out sparks.

Crystal healing is a field that is all about using crystals to clear our energy centers or chakras. The primary purpose of crystal healing is to help.

Crystals helping? How….

  • As a conductor, carrying energy towards you
  • As dispeller, carrying energy away from you; and
  • As a neutralizer, dissolving energy before it affects you.

There is power in numbers… and I don’t imply numerology, even though our name and date of birth greatly influences our lives. I have a lot of crystals, and each of them serve a different purpose. During crystal healing sessions, you will get a chance to use a few of each kind. Over the years, when I’ve experimented with different stones, I’ve noticed that the magnetism between them has grown stronger. And the more I used them, the faster and better I got, especially when using a few stones of the same kind together with some supporting crystals or conductors.

Creating your own personal crystal healing grid

This service is a report that will be delivered to you between 24 to 48 hours. It is customized according to your vibrations and lifecycles, and will help to boost the release of your issue or draw (magnetize) the manifestations of your desires.

You can expect the following in the report:

In the report, you will receive:

In the report, you will receive:

  • The names of the crystals
  • How many are needed
  • The grid – based on sacred geometry
  • The placement
  • The angle and direction
  • The perfect time to use it
  • The clearing statement
  • The activation statement

Set it and Forget it

The best upside of having a crystal healing grid of your own is that it works for you as a form of dormant healer each day.

Come, let’s build you a grid for love, health, money, creativity and ascension!

Past Life Regression  Page

Past Life

Let’s travel back to a specific past life.

Past life regression is a fun experience, because we get to take a trip back in time to witness all the beautiful aspects of ourselves. When you have a “been there done that” moment—deja vu, if you will—it’s usually because your soul has experienced such a situation or has been in that location before. The past is almost a mirror indication of what to expect in the future. Your past life is one of the main reasons you may feel some way towards certain things, why you attract some personality types, why you feel drawn or repelled by certain places.

Aren’t you just curious to see this movie that you played lead in? I know I was.

It was mesmerizing recognizing the energies of people I used to know and care for in a different time and place. But what was more fun to learn was the fact that I lived my life to the fullest, being pretty, having all the money I could want, and loving and being loved back. It wasn’t as fun viewing difficult past lives, with trauma, death, health issues, but it was much helpful as it answered “the why” of my longing.

But, even more interesting is the fact that a mere glimpse of the past made challenges a little lighter than we consider them. This made me understand that the primary goal of regression is to rewrite the past, and finding out is but secondary.

Do you wanna know another cool thing about these sessions?

The fastest way to master a trait in this life, it is by choosing the qualities (behaviors, traits, attributes) that you would like to possess, during a regression, from the lives you’ve mastered them. No, you can’t make your eyes turn blue. Sorry. But if you were good with your hands in any of your previous lives, you can recall that talent in your present one.


During these regressions, you can choose which personality and character traits you’ve liked about YOU the most. And I,  will provide the energetic download for them and anchor them in your present.

What revelation you expect during a regression?

If a problem persists for longer than 6 months, its root and the solution to it are guaranteed to be linked to a past life. As such, you can fix it from the origins.

Your problem is MY MAIN FOCUS, whether it is stubborn fears, traumas, phobias, difficult relationships, poverty, quarrels, conflict, failure, or other karmic seeds from past lives. You must understand that EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR PAST LIVES, no matter how bad or ugly, was a necessary experience for your soul. You won’t suffer the horror of reliving the gory details of your past lives during the process. You’re but a spectator. However, the experience will TRANSFORM you.

Let’s see how this works!

You will be aware of what is happening and safe. Sure, you may feel a little sleepy, but not completely unaware.

I value your time and think it’s a precious resource, but you must be prepared because these sessions last over an hour most of the time.

You can expect to be able to see:

  • 1 lifetime on your first regression.
  • 2- 3 past lives, on further regressions (in a two-hour session, people mostly experience about three past lives).


Now, for how the magic happens!

I like to follow a step-by-step process during regression, so you can expect something of this nature:

Relaxing – getting prepared

Regression  – the process of going back in time

Retrieval – finding the details

Release  – suppressed emotions

Resolving – the inner and outer conflict

Realization – wisdom acquired

Replenish – bringing forth the “goodies”

Reprograming – the subconscious

Rewriting – in Akasha

Hold my hand and take a journey into your past!

Past Life Reading

I want to hear about my past lives!

Not many people are comfortable venturing into their past lives to experience with their “soul eyes” the details of what used to be, and this is totally fine. If that’s the case for you, you can settle for a reading. I’ll do the regression for you and relay the details as accurately as possible, including locations, friends, loved ones, famous people, and all who were part of your “soul tribe.”


However, since I’ll be going on your behalf, you have to rely on me to tell you which qualities you liked about yourself the most. However, I’ll make sure to guide you on the “goodies” that are valuable to you, so you can make informed decisions. I will provide the details for every life your soul takes me to during regression. Take note that it’s not for me to determine the past life I’d see; I’m merely a proxy spectator. I love exploring past lives, and am quite well-versed in it too. So, you can rely on my commitment to assisting you with the necessary services to alleviate your sufferings, even in times when you are experiencing negative emotions or aspects of your past lives. With my experience, I should be able to give you the necessary details of three past lives in an hour.


Crystal Healing