Why do I need a two-hour initial energetic transmutation session?
The first session is the most important one. A foundation for transmutation is required. The first session has 4 parts: 1) evaluation and reading of energetic field, 2) preparation for work with energetic downloads, 3) finding the issues pertaining to the problem you want to address and 4) Integration of the work. One hour is simply not enough for complete work.

How many sessions do I need?
For a few clients, the clearing and healing process can take a single initial session, which means two hours. For others, it needs more time. For some, it takes hundreds of hours to fix all issues in their lives. I was in this category. It depends on the trauma you have experienced in this lifetime and what may have happened in your previous lives that still follows you and is standing in your way.

How do I know what service or time I need?
If unsure, write first and I will help you choose the right session for you. All services have been designed based on what majority respond to the best, when it comes to time needed. After payment, or 24 hours prior to your session, write to us the method of delivery – phone, chat, zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messaging.

Are sessions via chat or text messaging as accurate as in person?
All sessions are equally accurate. What is missing, is seeing Aurora or hearing Aurora.

What if I don’t feel a connection?
You ask within the first 10 minutes for a refund. Refund will be issued within 24 hours.

Is Aurora available in person?
Aurora is not available for in person sessions at this time. Out of state travelling is very rarely necessary for energetic transmutations. However, if it is mandatory and urgent, Aurora will advise you. You will either travel to see her, or support traveling expenses and accommodations for Aurora.

May I record the session?
If you must, yes for readings. For healing sessions, I recommend no recording. It will bring back the dense energy that was transmuted by listening to it after was transmuted.

Is it better if I have questions prepared?
Yes. If you choose a psychic reading, prepare your questions and you can send them in advance. If you are having a channeling session, it is mandatory you have an open mind to whatever comes true for you.

What is a specific question?
These are examples of specific questions for Advance Via Text Messaging. 

Is this particular (graphic design) career a good fit for me?
Is my team great for my business to succeed?
Is the doctor I have chosen a good fit for me
Which month is best to take my vacation to Bali?
I would like to know about changing my career.
Will my finances improve this year?     
Situational questions 

There is difference between specific and situational questions. Situational questions require a session.

I would like to know what I will most likely experience with my new product.
I would like to know about changing my career.
I would like to know about how the adoption process looks for us.
I would like to know about my son’s experience in daycare, etc.
I would like to know about my love life for the next 6 months
I would like to know about my family
What can I expect after a healing facilitation session?
You will experience a sense of calmness, expansion, lightness of your being. It is very common, on the first energetic transmutation sessions to feel tired, on and off. Some deep negative emotions will follow, however, you will remain in a peaceful state, and they will go away within hours or up to two days. Drink more water after the session and take a warm bath with Epsom salt after the healing.

What is channeling?
It is wisdom that your Higher self wants you to be aware of. It is usually much profound, and it has a tendency to be a bit complex and speaking of spiritual concepts.

Does Aurora remove the influence of curses and spells?
Yes, I believe fully that curses, spells, hexes, and anything with dark intention can affect us and it had affected the soul’s in past lives. However, it is NOT something extremely difficult to transmute and it does not require exorbitant amounts of money. I suggest for these services you are participating, like for any other types of services ( being on the phone, giving permission for the transmutations to take place). Usually one session is enough for these types of issues.

Does Aurora answer any questions?
Yes, any personal questions. Aurora will not answer medical questions, except the spiritual cause of the medical problem you are experiencing. Aurora will not advice on investments, or legal matters.

Does Aurora read photographs?
Yes,  she can read photographs with high accuracy. This is a service many use for people they just met, or for new employees.

If I have remaining time from a paid session, will Aurora honor it later?
Yes, only for 30 minutes left time. This rarely happens, usually there is not enough time in a session for everything that shows up.

Is the session general or personal details?
All sessions are extremely personal, in depth and with details for questions like why, when possible, how, why not, what!

How should I prepare for a session?
Being inside a place that is quiet. You can lit a candle and pray prior for the truth to be revealed. Do not walk around, doing chores.  Do not cross your legs during the sessions. 

Does Aurora assist couples?
Yes. She can read with both people present in a session, or individually for matters that are affecting the relationship.

What if I want to extend my session?
If Aurora has no immediate appointment, she will continue the session. Payment will be due immediately after the session ended for the extra time. Usually, it is not possible as she is booked in advance.

What if I don’t have PayPal or Venmo?
You can do a bank wire transfer, send Western Union, money order or a check. After funds clear, you will receive the session. All payments have to be clear funds at the time of the session.

Why do I have to pay prior?
I believe that the exchange of money is a buffer for any karma and dense energy to be transferred between us. It is for Aurora’s energetic protection.

What happens if in 30-day period, I don’t have extra questions?
You have the choice to ask spiritual questions pertaining to you, or, Aurora will extend for 30 more days.

What if I don’t like the course, will I be refunded?
Yes. You will receive full refund, no questions asked, if you ask for a refund in the first 14-days. Aurora knows that her program is a valuable one, and she believes in karma.

What if I wish to remain anonymous, will she honor that?
Yes. If privacy is one of your concerns, write to Aurora prior to booking a session. You can send a money order and call Aurora at the time of your appointment with a Private number.

What if I want a session for my son or daughter?
Until the age of 7, Aurora will do the session with one of the parents as proxy Anyone between 7 and 18, can have a session directly with Aurora, with parental written permission, via email.

What if I don’t want to sign an Intake?
Write to Aurora.The Intake is mandatory for all services and sent to us, at your convenience or 48 hours prior to the session.  

What if I have a hard time with Aurora’s accent?
It happened few times. You can either ask for a refund, request to speak with her prior to making an appointment, or chose a chat session.

What if I want a signed copy of her books?
Aurora will be honored. You can write to us, and we will accommodate that request. Standard shipping costs of $4.95 will be added to your payment.

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