Man Going Their Own Way!

You might be definitely surprised – a woman – offering support. Especially, when there is the false myth that Man Going Their Own Way do not have any interactions with women.

This is NOT the type of consultation for me to pass on to you my beliefs, my opinions, or to convince you to change your mind.

This is a service to support you, hear you out, and clear whatever unresolved roots causes have been at play. Not for the purpose of you changing your mind, but for the purpose to be indeed free of the toxic energies of the past, current or past lives, who most likely are still encroaching on your new own way.

This will be a time when YOU can voice, anything and everything, in the manner you want. I will NOT be offended, I will remain unbiased, focusing on RAISING your vibration for your OWN wellbeing, according to your wishes and desires.

I will also clear the projections and judgments from society against MGTOW that should not be there in the first place.

Brave Man and Beautiful Soul, I am Looking forward to be of assistance to you.


Have you ever thought that it is possible, when you “ bitch and complain,” someone to clear the energy and make the necessary connections?


This is the session to be heard, seen, understood first. Many customers NEED to tell their story first, and afterwards, to continue with the healing and creating a different pattern or blueprint for their lives.

The session is scheduled differently.

You will let it go and be 110% honest, saying exactly what you think, feel, and are “upset” about, for the first 20 minutes.

Corrections are calibrated, and we continue to intermittent venting and building.

Many men and women love this type, for it is a safe place to really get the toxic pain, thoughts, beliefs and experiences from the deeds of others, out in the open and transmuted.

Relief it is felt within minutes, and the wellbeing and authentic pace coming from understanding and forgiving, become your new dominant emotional and mental state.