Our Services

We offer a space for transmuting the most common and complex emotional and spiritual problems, midlife crisis, past lives imprints, using in depth insights, customized soul strategies and energetic quantum healing corrections, to reduce or instantly erase the real reasons that stand in your way of personal development and ultimate contentment.


A " no stone unturned" approach, in a sacred space, for any imaginable emotional, mental or spiritual issue, with fast and lasting benefits.


Strategy sessions tailored to your specific needs and desires on  wellbeing and success, spiritual or  psychic development.

Twin Flame

Guidance and soul alignment for the Spiritual Twin or the Matrix Twin during the soul shock, crisis, separation and no contact phases.

You Are in The Right Place

Three Decades of Experience

Over the past three decades, I’ve helped people transform their lives; to move past struggles which were taking vital energy away from their lives.

I’ve successfully guided and helped clients experiencing issues with:




Low Self-Esteem




Midlife crisis


Relationship Dynamics

Spiritual Development

Unwanted Behaviors

No matter what your struggle is, I can help you move away from the pain and instead look forward to the quality of life you desire and deserve.

Through my guidance and strategic energetic transmutations, I can liberate you from painful emotions, help you regain motivation, create your true and authentic Self, and move towards living a purposeful life. In building your vibration and mentality to align with your dreams and wellbeing, it may even be possible to move towards ascension – a true spiritual rebirth.

Your Soul is the Reason You Are Here
... on your journey
... on this site

Everything starts with a choice.

In order to BE who you are at the core. To FEEL genuine joy and excitement. To HAVE the success and satisfaction you dream of. You must KNOW who you truly are at your core.

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards your true purpose, I’d love to speak to you.


         INVEST IN YOU!



  • Curious about the possibilities of getting to know your own soul, its origin, and agenda for evolving
  • Thirsty to live a Creator-approved life
  • Looking for rapid ways and results on personal development
  • Determined to get first-class assistance to free yourself of the limitations you’ve struggle with for so long (minus the struggle)
  • Aware of healing benefits but unable to transform specific issues by yourself
  • Ready to face and overcome midlife crisis, emotional and mental challenges
  • Aware of how valuable your self-wellbeing is also for loved ones
  • A seeker on the spiritual path
  • Ready to be the change, you want to see in others and in your own life
  • Willing to resolve all types of karma and let go of unwanted flaws
  • Looking for spiritual initiations to achieve self-mastery and self-validation
  • Aiming to have wisdom from higher consciousness level and different spiritual realms


  • Seek clarity from your Soul and your spiritual team
  • Determine the most valuable soul aspects – your soul signature 
  • Choose and implement priceless personal development strategies and healing modalities to overcome unwanted conditioning
  • Request a transformational prayer for you or someone else
  • Enjoy the assistance of a crystal grid or water-base recipe to neutralize or amplify energies around you, at all times
  • Condition yourself with the spiritual and energetic downloads supporting desired traits
  • Savor your favorite tea in Soulffluence cup that have was programmed energetically with your preferences and desires
  • Allow a mandala to anchor you into a continual state of equilibrium
  • Eliminate the energies at play in your current relationship 
  • Rely on the benefits of a consultation without reliving the pain and trauma
  • Help your loved ones who are resisting change via a proxy session
  • Receive Universal wisdom and on-going support in a very friendly, non-judgmental manner 


It starts with revealing and remembering who you’ve always been! Assess your soul’s energy with a complete email report that includes 88 different aspects unique to you. The insights will also give you the opportunity to make sense of your current human experience and a great chance to make the right decisions to move forward towards maturity and joy.

Amazing, talented person, also very communicative and truly gifted. Her insights are the real thing and I always get such a nice warm feeling when I read her words & guidance. Wonderful experience! 🙂

Linnea Published 1 year ago

Exceptional session. Very grateful to you for this Divine direction, guidance and healing. Thank you immensely.

Kalah Published 5 years ago

Clear direction and indication how I should get things started, as well as when I should do that. Thank you, Master. It has been a blessing with you here.

Axel Published 3 years ago

Aurora is a spiritual detective. She can find the source of a problem, even if it relates to several past lives, and provides very in depth information. She put in a lot of effort to rectify my problems, from many different angles.

Helga Published 2 years ago

Wow wow wow she can see through our bodies and minds like an x-ray machine, amazing work again. I am so grateful to you for my soul profile. I am so happy you are fixing this, you are an alchemist, you make things happen !! Thank you!!!

Yvette Published 4 years ago

Very professional and talented. I received more than I expected. She knows exactly what to do. The delivered report made me feel like is Christmas morning. Thank you so much for all the extras you did. Proud of you, our Cherished and Respected Romanian.

Cornelia Published 7 months ago

Awesome work quality! Aurora went above and beyond for my coaching sessions and I will definitely be coming back for optimizations.

Michelle Published 1 week ago

I am speechless a stranger could help me in one hour, to the degree she had. Very professional. Customer service is A+. I am a new person after my first emotional healing.

Madison Published 2 week ago

I am in my 40s and I’ve never thought a spiritual coach will make me cry. I’ve decided to have a Gold Coaching package, and transform myself, into a healthy-emotional man. It all started as I was devastated over the breakup with my fiancée. Even though Aurora was kind, and honest, she will “bring down the hammer” and help me face my shadow. How indebted I am to her for not allowing me to stay with my BS, and not letting me manipulate her into “I am right”. What am I grateful for the most? She didn’t give up on me ( I still wonder at her patience and that she didn’t hang up on me on a few “rude” occasions) and just as she promised, she helped me get back to myself. Aurora, is now for me, a great friend for life.

Samuel Published 1 year ago

Really helped me see clarity to a situation and answered questions I needed answered - absolutely amazing. Would recommend and will use again. Thank you x

Ellie Published 1 year ago

    Because truth?

    There is no AUTHENTIC WELLBEING, unless the soul is at the center of everything!

    I want to help you GET THROUGH and OUT of the dark times, fast and with ease.

    I want you to leave sessions with the KNOWLEDGE of a few TOOLS to use by yourself.



    After you purchase your desired service, you will receive an email confirmation for your appointment. If you chose a consultation or a coaching package, only then, an Intake Form will be sent to you to fill out. Its purpose is to save you about 30 minutes of your initial session.


    Within 24 hours, you will receive a follow up email, that consists of an evaluation and kinesiological calibration of the healing progress achieved after the session. When required, there will be a "homework” assignment on how to maintain the results and transmute more issues by yourself.


    While every session is unique and customized, a Soulffluence consultation follows a 12-step process!

    “Aurora can eliminate negative beliefs and negative emotions in record time. In a typical session, she could change for me two beliefs per minute. That is Huge!”

    Nora, Usui Reiki Master Teacher

    A Message from Aurora, The Founder

    I have been where you are right now, or in a worse situation. I know it’s always the darkest – they even call it The Dark Night of the Soul – before the dawn, and we will use that pain to liberate you.

    The catalyst, and over thirty years of serving has helped me gain so much knowledge, and it solidified that my soul’s divine purpose is to assist others who are in need, just like I was. Strong empathy and relating to other’s frustrations has pushed me for excellence in every session that I have done, and I’ll continue to do. I desire to always leave you in a better emotional and spiritual place than when I found you, more like when you found me.

    I am honored, and very grateful that a majority of my ready and determined customers return at different stages in their lives, for different types of my services. Are you as ready and committed to succeed?        

    Come on in! I would love for you to be the next success story.