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The doctor of the future will give no 
medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison

We Have over 150 Specialized Services to Assist YOU with YOUR Inner Most Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations for your Life.

Welcome to Soulffluence, the home of self-discovery and healing. Soulffluence has a powerful motivation behind its beginning. When I first started, my passion for finding the purpose of my soul, improving the quality of people’s lives, and helping them out drove me to take action. So, I came up with an idea to provide value to people and make them smile through my wisdom, knowledge, and experience. I am pleased to announce that I have been able to turn my passion and idea into reality. At Soulffluence, I solve the most common but complex
problem of your soul and life, by making your soul the “truest boss?. I draw my inspiration from my clients’ feedback and always strive for excellence. Their remarks like “wow, amazing, that is what we were looking for? sparks my passion to keep giving hundred percent to everything I do. I hope you get satisfaction from my Spiritual Development Consulting in Florida, as much as I enjoy offering them to you. Thank you so much for finding out more about me and Soulffluence. I look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Emotional Healing Counseling in Florida

Most Sought

Akashic Records

Reading & Rewrite

Anger Repatterning

Behavior Interruption

Circle of Trust

with Healing

Divine Intervention

Psychic Reading

Fifth Dimension

and Above Alignment


Quantum Imprinting


to Negativity-Light Codes

Karma and Karmic

Partners Path Rewrite

Soulmates Dynamic

Reading with Corrections

Seven Spiritual

Initiations Integration

3 Past Lives

Reading & Karma Correction

Throat Chakra

Clearing Alignment with 7D

Why Choose Us? Your Authentic Living Depends on Your Decisions.

A customer, who is also an expert in the field said in 2013: “Aurora Alexandru is able to eliminate negative thoughts from the mind, and negative emotions from the heart in record time. In a typical session, she can change two beliefs per minute. That is Huge.�? Whilst I am very grateful for the feedback, now, it is more like seven different programs per minute.

At Soulffluence, we provide:


Our strengths are easy to talk to; fast and accurate assessments of souls and subtle etheric bodies, able to relate to people, girl next door attitude, down to earth, witty and funny.

Renewed Hope

Our training : highly educated and certified in many healing modalities, gifted intuitive, developed our own healing modality, “A to Z Comprehensive�?.

Security for Peace of Mind

Our experience; over 70000 sessions for various physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual issues, and intuitive guidance, Emotional Healing Counseling in Florida and much more.

Soulffluence Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives & Goals.

You are not alone. I’ve been where you are and, from experience, and with excitement, I tell you, it is indeed possible to turn around even the most difficult circumstances. Here are main categories of services we offer.





Advice Via

Text Messaging

Twin Flames

Soul Alignment

There Is a Way!

1221 Accelerations

A home-based healing course for Twin Flames will be launched November 2020.

A to Z Comprehensive Healing

A home-based wellness and self-healing course, with professional healing audios for each module, also coming December 2020.

The Foundation for Life

A home-based Spiritual Development Psychology course for teenagers, for personal development and spiritual empowerment, will be available in January 2021.

Coming Soon

Our Courses

I know that every challenge that you are currently facing, requires personalized coaching & consulting. I am very passionate about empowering you to uncover your beautiful authentic self and make Soulffluence a way of life.

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