Healing Modalities and Their Useful Differentiating Variables

What Does Access Consciousness Mean?


Access Consciousness is a new way of looking at the world. It’s all about how we perceive and interact with our surroundings, which can be changed through conscious choice-making processes to create an improved quality of life for yourself!

Who created Access Consciousness?


Gary M Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness, an innovative movement that provides simple-yet profound tools for living. He has published two books on Amazon and given many inspiring presentations around America to share his message with others seeking change in their lives.


What does Access Consciousness Do?


The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness empower you to heal yourself. It’s available for anyone. It can be incorporated in everyday life without outside help and accessed from within your mind—allowing access at any time when needed most!


Benefits of Access Consciousness 


  • Clarity and Brain fog.
  • Concentration, problem-solving and focus.
  • Self-esteem and Confidence.


What Does Neuro-Linguistic Programming Mean?


It is a method of modifying someone’s ideas and behaviours to help them reach their goals. The popularity of neuro-linguistic programs has increased since they started in the 1970s, as their effectiveness has become more widely known among practitioners worldwide!


Who Created Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


This theory developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder to identify the patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours in successful individuals. The idea behind it all? To teach this information so others might be able to learn from those traits as well!


What Does Neuro-Linguistic Programming Do


NLP is used to achieve personal development through skills such as self-reflection, confidence and communication. In addition, many practitioners have applied NLP for work purposes like improved productivity or job progression with excellent success rates in their fields of expertise.




  • Clarity focuses on your purpose, vision & values
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Increase self-confidence


What Does Reiki Mean?


Reiki is a form of healing that focuses on channelling energy through touch to help patients heal their bodies and minds. It has been around for centuries, but it’s still popular today because many people feel its therapeutic effect when they’re treated with such care in an effort by other individuals who won’t give back what was taken from them: physically or emotionally – Reiki energies won’t let anything stand between you!

Who Created Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique that was created around the 1920s. It primarily focuses on spiritual healing and has been extracted from various practices, such as massage therapy or yoga in some cases.


What Does Reiki Do


Reiki is a technique that involves guiding healing energy through the body with gentle hands. It has been proven to reduce stress and promote overall wellness and treat illness more effectively than traditional medicine alone!


Benefits of reiki


  • Anxiety
  • Heart Disease
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression


What does DNA Theta Healing mean?


The Theta Healing process is a registered trademark for meditation created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. This type of brainwave manipulation with intention has been used to explore how emotional energy can affect one’s health, especially when they are going through difficult times or have chronic illnesses such as depression.

Who Created DNA Theta Healing?


Created by Vianna Stibal, this form of therapy focuses on the subconscious mind. It uses transdermal audio recordings and subliminal messages for patients’ internal problems to be resolved more efficiently than ever before without any adverse side effects like mania or depression.


What does DNA Theta Healing do


Stibal says that the primary purpose of this teaching is to bring your brain in a deep state known as Theta and renew with Creator, which will further allow you to learn how to ease mental, physical, emotional shifts.


Benefits of DNA Theta Healing


  • Reveals your unique potential.
  • Puts an end to phobias and fears.
  • Free yourself from habits and addictions.


What Does Yuen Method Mean?


The Yuen Method is a unique approach that took years to master. It combines old Chinese Shaolin temple healing with western understanding, with the goal being physical rehabilitation and emotional well-being for individuals looking at changing their lives around by getting in touch more deeply than ever before!


Who created Yuen Method?


A legend in the martial arts world, Dr Kam Yuen is an aerospace engineer and chiropractor who founded breakthrough self-defence methods with his grandmaster status as a Shaolin monk alongside Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu forms like Mantis ma huang style.


What Does Yuen Method Do


Yuen method helps people achieve their goals by making sure all levels of consciousness are congruent. According to the Yuen Method, humans have multiple layers or degrees in which they can be conscious and aware; pain is a sign that there’s something wrong with this energy flow within us because it gets rid of any unwanted sensations we experience along the way while also helping attain what YOU want from life!


Benefits of Yuen Method


  • Yuen Method can be used to identify the root of your problem and release it.
  • This helps people find themselves again by releasing emotional issues or fears they may have had in childhood due to trauma.
  • It provides step-by-step instructions on how human beings can become more multidimensional individuals by eliminating their limitations or fears for one’s themselves.


What does Polarity Reversal mean?


Polarity Reversal is an essential aspect of psychotherapy, which can treat mental health problems like stress and anxiety. It was initially coined in yogic philosophy for describing how our thoughts produce feelings that may create physical symptoms such as stomach upset or heart palpitations when we face difficult situations!


Who created Polarity Reversal?


The simple answer is that nobody knows who first discovered the phenomenon of negative ions, but they are present in all religions and spiritual practices!


What Does Polarity Reversal Do?


For decades, psychologists and psychiatrists have been using Polarity Reversal to treat mental health problems like stress and anxiety. Polarity reversal is an essential aspect of Psychotherapy that can be used as a tool in treating such ailments because it helps people bring more balance into their lives by flipping those negative feelings around so that they’re no longer consumed with negativity but rather heal from past hurts or traumas through healing techniques instead.


Benefits of Polarity Reversal


  • Mental Health Problems
  • Stress
  • Anxiety


What does Emotional Freedom Technique mean?


Emotional Freedom Techniques uses a form of alternative medicine that draws on the healing power of words and emotions to help people overcome their problems.


Who Created the Emotional Freedom Technique?


Gary Craig, a developer who wanted to help people, developed this new form of therapy. He published information about the process on his website, which led him to be known as an innovator in EFT or tapping for its ability to be used by anyone anywhere at any time without extensive training.


What does the emotional freedom technique do


The emotional freedom method (EFT) is one of several complementary therapies for physical and emotional discomfort. It is also known as tapping or psychological acupressure. Still, the people who use this technique believe that it can create balance in our energy systems which could help treat any discomfort if applied correctly by an experienced practitioner like me!


Benefits Of Emotional Freedom Technique


  • Simple & painless.
  • Easy to learn.
  • No need for a therapist.
  • Less expensive.


What does Spiritual Response Therapy mean?


SRT is a system that involves researching the subconscious mind and beyond past lives – to find out what might be holding someone back in their life, such as limiting beliefs or programs that were installed into them by other people. This can then help teach them about positive things, so they’re not always living off negative energy from others’ thoughts anymore.

Who Created Spiritual Response Therapy?


A technique that has been around for less than 30 years, developed by Rev Robert Detzler – counsellor and teacher who is also ordained.


What does Spiritual Response Therapy do


SRT research the subconscious mind and use techniques like out of body experiences (OBE) to find what belief or program is holding back an individual. Then, the treatments are designed with positive messages to replace these negative ideas to develop themselves into becoming everything they want!


Benefits Of Spiritual Response Therapy


  • Wellness and Health
  • Finances and Monetary Affairs
  • Relationships


What does Akashic Field Therapy mean?


The Akashic Field is a spiritual energy field that extends into and becomes intertwined with all things, including people. It stores information about both good and evil and their intentions for how this information will help or hurt them in the future.


Who Created Akashic Field Therapy?


A recent discovery by Dr Helen Liberskay stands out among all other forms in its ability to heal through telepathy and empathic connection with another person’s thoughts or feelings. It does not occur instantly but rather over time as these two connect emotionally, leading one down a path towards self-discovery.


What does Akashic Field Therapy do


This treatment aims to heal past life wounds by helping individuals release negative energies they’ve accumulated through their lifetimes.

It’s all done in a safe, comfortable space where clients can be fully vulnerable with someone who understands them on both an emotional and spiritual level- it sounds like what you’re looking for might be something similar!


Benefits of Akashic Field Therapy


  • This ancient form of medically-supervised meditation will relieve negative emotions and allow patients with chronic physical pain to live more comfortably by releasing stress.
  • The main benefit is that these treatments serve as gateway drugs; users soon after leave treatment continue their progress without ever doing so before entering into any traditional medication regimen.


What Does Thought Freedom Technique Mean?


It’s a mind-blowing technique that allows you to control your thoughts at will. You might think this is all hogwash, but it does work. You can make any idea come into being with just the push of one button – there are no limitations on what kind or how many ridiculous notions could start floating around in your head now, aren’t there?


Who Created Thought Freedom Technique?


An ancient civilization created the Thought Freedom Technique to prevent thought entrapment.


What does Thought Freedom Technique do? 


The technique was designed to make you question your negative thoughts. If they are not serving any purpose or aren’t good for anything, why do we keep thinking them repeatedly in our minds without ever stopping! This is where it gets interesting because when these types of self-talk patterns emerge while meditating, all one has done while practising TFT (Thought Free Techniques) will be erase everything that isn’t beneficial by turning off their brain waves completely.


Benefits of Thought Freedom Technique


It can relieve

  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Improving concentration levels
  • You have total control over your thoughts


What Does Emotion Code Mean?


It is often said that pain is stored in our bodies as an emotional response to past trauma. The Emotion Code allows you to access these negative emotions and release them so they no longer have power over your life!


Who Created Emotion Code?


Dr Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor and teacher for more than 20 years, has created The Emotion Code to help alleviate physical discomfort and ease emotional wounds to restore love relationships with their partners or spouses.


What does Emotion Code do?

Emotion Code is a technique to identify and release negative energy from past events. It uses muscle testing, which detects emotions that are trapped in your body’s cells without any outside influence or tampering with your conscious mind!


Benefits of Emotion Code


  • Become loving, open and more confident
  • Better cope with anxiety and stress.
  • More clarity.


What Does Light Language Mean?


A light Language is a form of communication that goes straight for the soul. It bypasses our limitations around meaning; it has no fixed alphabet and cannot be understood through human interpretation alone. Its expressions are defined by frequencies instead – which means they speak directly at your DNA.


Who Created Light Language?


Well, that would be Dr. rehabil360, of course (not his real name). He is the brains behind this most ingenious idea. He deserves all credit for coming up with such a clever solution to our problems in language creation- which will save time as well as make life easier on those trying to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds or no fluency at all who may find themselves needing help communicating due simply because they live far away without any opportunity ever meeting face-to-face before now…


What does Light Language do?


A light Language is a form of symbolic expression that uses language and images from nature. Light languages have been used for centuries by many cultures worldwide as they can represent complex ideas with simple symbols, which also connects them back into their natural surroundings in an aesthetically pleasing way – much like how we communicate today through text messages instead—turning everything verbal!


Benefits of Light Language


The benefits of Light Language are three-fold.

  • It will allow you to communicate more easily and naturally with people who do not share your native language.
  • By using this technique for interacting in day-to-day situations as well – whether at home studying alone versus taking on an online quiz about French literature-, one’s mind stays focused better due primarily because regular old English words become less daunting when spoken out loud while simultaneously watching how easy those sentences flow off one’s tongue thanks essentially too only having two syllables every time.


What Does Light Codes Mean?


Everyone is born with a specific set of light codes that function as their frequency or cosmic fingerprint. These codes are written in DNA and contain the blueprint for one’s soul, ancient healing knowledge that cannot be comprehended by spoken language alone- it transcends human comprehension!


How to Activate Light Codes?


When someone starts the upgrade process in their higher spiritual body, an initiation releases dormant codes. These include stored energy or knowledge, which gives out lighter and enlarges one’s spiritual body-of course until they are ready for Ascension!


What Does Light Codes Do?


Light codes are the language of light, and they have been used for healing purposes since ancient times. Some types, such as Reiki from Japan orayan one’s body with divine energy to help someone else heal on both physical level by letting them know that you care about their well-being mentally through prayer thoughts formational negative energies around us).


Benefits of Light Code


  • You are entirely transformed.
  • Increases the frequency of your vibrations
  • Enhances your DNA
  • Connects you to the unified consciousness


What Does Reconnective Means?


Reconnective is an approach that has been shown to provide significant benefits in all areas of daily life. It can help us achieve physical well-being, mental clarity and emotional peace because it brings our essential selves together with the self we are trying to connect to!


Who Created Reconnective?


The Reconnective discovered by Eric Pearl DC in the early 1990s is not just energy healing but a more comprehensive spectrum of healings composed of light and information.


What Does Reconnective Healing Do?


Reconnective Healing is more than just energy healing. It’s an entire spectrum that includes light and information, bringing you into the present moment while also shifting your energetic frequencies.


Benefits of Reconnective Healing


  • If you’re struggling with a chronic or difficult-to378 ill, reconnective healing can help.
  • This type of treatment uses energy work to re-establish connections in your body.
  • This help to heal on all levels – physical, energetic/emotional (or spiritual), mental/mental health concerns like stress & anxiety, and other disorders.


What Does Matrix Energetics Mean?


It is a teachable healing phenomenon that merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with our active imaginations to produce tangible results.


Who Created Matrix Energetics?


Richard Bartlett, a chiropractor and naturopath who experienced a life-changing event in 1997, developed Matrix Energetics.


What Does Matrix Energetics Do?


Matrix Energetics enables clients to achieve their goals by shifting these ingrained patterns, removing blockages and transforming core beliefs. And when you’re ready for a change in your life, that’s bigger than anything else could ever provide!


Benefits of Matrix Energetics


  • Increases your awareness
  • It keeps you anchored in the present moment
  • Gives you a better grasp of life.


What Does Sedona Method Mean?


The Sedona Method is a simple way to release your fear, frustration and anger. It’s the limiting thoughts that are holding you back from creating the life of happiness you deserve–and these may come in many forms like “I’m not good enough” or, even worse: those self-limiting beliefs we were taught as children; that now control us!


Who Created Sedona Method?


Scientist and engineer Dr Lester Levenson founded the Sedona Method to help people heal more easily through faith-based practices.


What Does Sedona Method Do?


The Sedona Method will show you how to access your natural ability and release any unwanted thought on the spot, even when in the middle of life’s most significant challenges. This gives me all that I choose with ease–it just takes a few minutes from home each day!


Benefits of Sedona Method


  • The Sedona approach enables individuals to cope with their day-to-day worry and stress.
  • It instructs individuals on how to conduct their lives.
  • This exercise alleviates a person’s internal emotional conflict. It demonstrates how to create calm and tranquilly into one’s life.


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