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SOULFFLUENCE gives you meaning, returning YOU back to YOURSELF!


How would you feel if you come across a platform that can
help you with recognizing the core wounds and purpose of your soul, and help you enrich the quality of your life, by improving the overall emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, mental health and consciousness? Sounds overpromising but feels satisfying, right?

We ARE the platform that performed over 100 specific types of services to assist and support people like YOU towards the achievement of YOUR Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations, in any aspect of your life, by creating an open, inviting, nurturing, and serene healing space where you can navigate all of your life’s experiences , triumphs, and challenges.

About Soulffluence

Soulffluence believes that the soul was, is and will always be our truest boss.


What does the soul stand for?

  • The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal

  • A person’s moral 

  • A  person’s emotional nature

  • A person’s sense of identity

  • The essence or embodiment of a specific quality 

  • Inner Self or Being

  • The part of us that remains alive long after the body functions end


The Divine nature of the soul and Being part of the bigger Whole makes it all-knowing, affluent, influential. Makes it SOULFFLUENCE.



Our Approach

Soulffluence is established with a holistic approach and simple objective: to make you smile by bringing more clarity, relief, and maturity, through the influence and affluence of none other than you own Soul.

Our Vision

To build a community of humble, accepting and higher vibration people, supporting consciousness in the world, improving the quality of life and the human condition, through the alignment of personal desires with the soul’s purpose.

Our Compass

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reliance
  • Transparency

What Do We Offer at Soulffluence?

Peace of Mind

100% Customer Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

Extensive Training

44 Areas of Expertise, 100+ Specific Services

Continued Support

Priority Appointments, Follow-up Session

Renewed Hope

Quality Guidance, Fast Results

An Experience

“Aurora was introduced to me by a dear friend,  when she came to my friend’s house, for a channeling group session. Definitely, a favor, as she was on a vacation. It was a Monday, July 2010, and I just rushed back from the hospital, after 3 agonizing days and nights. I couldn’t eat anything. My throat was closing on me, and no matter what the doctors did, I wouldn’t eat. This condition started few days before I had the idea to go see a doctor. I was kind of nervous to meet Aurora, even though I left the hospital to meet her,  because my friend mentioned,  “Aurora is not going to tell you fairy tales, and she won’t allow you to blame things on others.”  I was thinking, “my friend has no idea of what a master manipulator I am.” 

After Aurora heard my reasons, started to work. It was hard to hear the truth reflected back at me.  At some point, I realized, I’d better answer very truthfully and stop lying to look good. Aurora was friendly,  for sure wasn’t judging me, but knew I was lying. After 20 years on this profession, there were very little things Aurora never heard of, so, I disclosed what  was going on. 

Our group was waiting impatiently outside in the garden, and after 3 hours and a half, and all sorts of healing performed, we joined them. My friend asked “Is she going to eat now?”  and Aurora responded, “We will see now.”  Everyone was bewildered seeing me eating, as Aurora was testing the success of the session.  I was not sure that it will last, and as crazy as it sounds, I wasn’t grateful for the ability to swallow food; I was excited that I can be part of the group channeling and find out answers about my obsession, a love situation. 

The healing came with “homework.” I didn’t bother to do it and I was sure Aurora will not check on it. Oh my, how wrong I was!  When first text arrived, I found an excuse and promised I will do for sure the next day.  Second day, Aurora didn’t wait for me to inform her about finishing the assignment, she called me and made me do my work on the phone. 

“Not eating” and the love obsession are things of the past. Since that time, I’ve invested in myself and got under control all my issues, especially emotionally manipulating others.  

Today, I am married, and known among my friends for self-integrity and self-honesty. I am living my soul plan,  and I enjoy  and practice a Soulffluence mentality. 

                                                                               Gabriela, Bucharest


About Me


Hi. Who am I? 


I am a storyteller, hence, it will be impossible to write about me without diving into stories.

My name is Aurora Alexandru, and I have been on my spiritual journey of expansion for over three decades. I associate with and accept as my truth “I am All That I am.” I still can hear my best friend joking in 2005, “She is not much, all of that, standing at 5’2.” 

Here are a few crucial things to know about me:

I am an illuminated twin soul, with parallel lives, whose origins belong to a soul group type called Mission Realmer. My soul specialization is Melchizedek Priesthood. Melchizedek was known as a guide, leading souls towards the light of God, also known as the Light of the Seven.


Because of that origin, I was born with a high precognition ability. In 18 of my many past lives, I’ve had this “calling” to guide others and even more advanced gifts than my current esoteric abilities. I was born with a secondary Godspark, extra-equipped to support my divine soul plan, which is to research, discover and test spiritual truths and wisdom for the sole purpose of sharing this knowledge with others. I am a Shaman, a Guiding Light, a Transformational DNA and Physical Intelligence Healer, a Universal Pathfinder, a well-seasoned Certified Psychic Reader, a Clairvoyant and an Empathic Intuitive. I am trained as an NLP licensed Practitioner, a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Facilitator, DNA Theta Healer, Spiritual Response Therapist, Matrix Energetics Facilitator, Akashic Field Therapist, Soul Profiling Practitioner, Thought Field Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique and  Emotion & Body Code Practitioner.

I have a large spiritual team, with Jesus Christ who comes through during healing sessions and acts as a teacher-guide; and Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet as one of my master guides with whom I enjoy channeling messages and automatic writing.

On a personal note, I am the mother of a brilliant young man, and godmother to two lovely boys. Part of my family is an adorable cat – JJ, as in Joshua’s Junior. I am Romanian, but enjoying living in my South Florida home, close to my sisters and their children.

I come alive reading, listening to Balkanic music, dancing, writing, making flower arrangements, cake decorating, and painting soul portraits. My love language is quality time and my needs have always been self-actualization and consideration.

Okay, next up, weird things about me.

People have told me that when I am in a deep trance, channeling style, I flirt with spirits. My friends would joke that “Aurora is trying to impress ghosts.”

When healing is taking place, I yawn.  I am excellent at doing, not so much at teaching. “ Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”. When I get mad and react – yes, that happens sometimes – I look like Kevin Hart acting in Crazy Women Min 1.40! 

Whatever I foresee, tends to happen. Especially the “nope, this won’t…” which makes me look like a “dream buster”, or “bringer of bad tidings.” In reality, it is a safety net close ones use, when they run their ideas by me, before “they bet their whole farm on” something.

I hear the human voice and the soul voice at the same time. Speaking of stereo!


Brand Story – The Catalyst!

Every initiative starts with a story, need, desire, or a life experience.  Everything began in 2005.  Maybe you are expecting this to be a simple touching story of a wonderful encounter that set me on this path. That was not my experience. It all started with a terrible incident.

So, there I was, 35, a single mother, making good money as a Realtor and part-time intuitive, paying all my bills, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Life was good! I had just taken my son and his cousin on a trip to Europe and NY. I was expecting to return home, and to my routine of cooking my son dinners, work,  spend time with my beautiful family and relax with my “invisible” friends. But my soul had a different plan for me. 

What happened?  A huge and unfair judgment had just been awarded against me. I was surprised to see that piece of paper in the mail, because I had not even shown up in court even once to defend my case. I had not even been informed about being sued.

Just like that, my life as I knew it flipped upside down. But why? My car insurance company did not pay damages for a car accident that I had 4 years prior, exactly on 9/11.  The Universe has a very weird sense of humor! Who would have thought that the fall of The Towers will be linked in such a direct way to my own “Tower” moment?

I went from being a worry-free single mom to losing my driving privileges. Imagine a Realtor without the ability to drive and no Uber in sight?!   My income took a hit, or several.

“How could you do this to me God? What have I done wrong?” These questions screamed from my brain and I questioned everything around me, especially a decade of serving God and being on the spiritual path and personal development.

I was devastated by it, even though this was not my “first crisis”.

My lawyer said I could not touch a car’s wheel for at least six months. I was shocked beyond words. I kept wondering:  “How is it fair for a single mother to go through such brutal consequences of something that is not even her fault?” I had all the questions in the world but not a single answer would bring me any comfort. Even psychic insights wouldn’t!

Days passed by and the pain kept growing, turning into high anxiety so debilitating that I found myself sobbing uncontrollably the second I woke up. Can you imagine waking up and instantly starting to cry, from April until September, without knowing why or how to stop it?  The anguish was worse than ever seeing that I have one more problem – inability to function, on top of the primary one – inability to work.  They didn’t joke around, misery breeds company!

I had enough problems already, so I wanted the crying to stop. Hence, I sought help where I figured I’d find it: healers, hypnotists, shamans, Tantra masters, and even Christ Consciousness Teachers. I hit a brick wall each time. I was going broke but help seemed elusive. I was in an inverse relationship with my pain: the more I attempted to stop the crying, the more problems were coming. Who would have thought that over 10K “offering” won’t bribe crying?

This is when I decided to take my journey of self-discovery, towards “professional knowledge”. I knew that just a few certifications in healing arts was not the same as being an expert. I figured that if I became proficient, I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone. In two years, I got certified in 4 new modalities. Since then, I’ve read obsessively a minimum of 14-20 per month on topics of soul, spirituality, mind, mindfulness, spiritual laws, personal improvement, parapsychology, etc., and took course after course.

Things started to improve but problems were not gone.  While my credit score hit 500, I lost my home and my car, but, I kept the reading mania at the forefront of my life, and got more healing modalities certifications coming. I was haunted by the thought that my son could be in a similar situation in the future and I’ll be unable to help him. This is when I declared to myself: “I will not stop until I am free of suffering.”

While the average person had 5-year plans filled with things like acquiring a new property, buying a new car, snagging a good husband, blissful sex, a dog, or even a new PJ or eating a pretzel, mine was: “I overcome my limitations, especially the ones I’ve given to my son through DNA”.

I was so determined to achieve this new ambition that I called it, my “mono goal”. It was my bargaining point, however funny that sounded. “C’mon God, it’s ONE wish only for my entire life,” I begged.

I was even more determined – who I am kidding, more like compulsive – and laser-focused on discovering “the hows” and “the why nots”, the Eureka of someone in crisis. 

And then, boom, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was released.  I scoured the internet to get my hands on that book. When I held it, I was overjoyed, but only for a moment. While the whole world – it looked that way – rejoiced and was hopeful, I was pissed off, as the book brushed over its most important teachings. Even more annoying, the much-touted “secret” was not included. For a while, I lost hope. I stopped reading and getting more certifications, and accepted that my path is a difficult one. At the same time, I busied myself warding off mean-spirited opinions about my material possession from some “friends”.

One day, I woke up and had valuable answers from my soul not my mind, and some of my “why nots” were sorted. Just like that! 


I got my mono-goal! Yay!

I flushed a lot of karmic debt and I corrected the conditioning affecting my bloodline and descendants. It came with a bonus:  My soul is developing at 11th dimension consciousness.

 SOULFFLUENCE is my “graduation essay” for the Melchidezek Priesthood, soul specialization.

I still enjoy reading – different genre – and spending time with my son, who graduated from college in 2022.

And, if anyone wonders what happened to my credit score? It’s excellent again.

Silly me. No Aurora, the other thing,  the judgment! I won! After a long five years legal battle, but I won!

Yeah, but are YOU an expert?

I do not claim to be powerful, nor an expert.

I actually dread the word powerful, it’s such an ego-based. low vibration word.

Even though I have been called a “guru“, ”master”, “expert”, fairy godmother”, “Earth Angel” countless times,  and my all-time favorite “human x-ray”, I do not fall into the trap of claiming to know it all.  I want you to know, I’ve been also called other things, not so endearing. But who haven’t?

Am I an expert?

I have heard that if someone reads 6 books on a topic, that person is 99.9% an expert compared to others. If someone does a task 10000 hours, they achieve greatness. So then, what do we call someone like me with tens of thousands of sessions, endless certifications and so many books read in over 20 niches?

No, not “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I know that might’ve just crossed your mind. Here’s one I prefer:  a spiritual facilitator with a vast experience and many certifications , and an insanely persistent woman. 

Thank you for reading my inspirational story. If you are moved, like I expect you would, kindly drop an email. I’ll be glad to hear from you if you disagree, too. I don’t even mind getting a more creative “label”

Welcome to our community of persistent winners! 

Aurora has been with me through my life journey and guiding directions so I can control my own ship to move forward. I really have no idea how I would go through without her help. She gave me my hope back and joie de vivre. She helped me choose a career, deal with midlife crisis – divorce, shifted my mentality from victim to winner. Thanks so so much! USA, Calista, 9/5/2021


The help I got from is beyond words. You give me an exceptional clarity on the situation at hand. You are always honest from your heart and your suggestions have been for my best interest. You have a beautiful heart and desire to help others, that's what makes you stand out from others. Thank you for each and every time you have helped me. Appreciate a lot. USA, Yvonne, 6/23/2021

United Arab Emirates

Phenomenal experience! This advisor is extremely accurate at digging deeply and knowing specifically what is going on without any info given. Everything addressed was accurate, detailed and left me in awe. It’s amazing to listen to someone break down your entire situation and the exact personalities of others as if she knew us. A must call! Will definitely be calling again! Thank you and much love always! 🙂 USA, Alexei, 3/08/2020

United Arab Emirates

    Disappointment could have been my middle name, after three years of trying to improve my life, with professionals and by myself, only to see that after two days of any healing, I would return to my old-bitter self. I did not have much hope that any different services will actually work, and in spite of all the “bells and whistles” about Aurora from friends who recommended her, I waited about a month to book a healing. My predisposition changed within 20 - 30 minutes, into my first session. I haven’t return to “poor me” since 2017.

    Victoria, Branch Manager at BB&T, Florida





      The Akashic Records offer clarity by lending to us the exact info about our deeds, misdeeds, intentions, and experiences from the creation of our soul to the present moment and beyond. When a session is personalized and combined with an Akashic Field Therapy, a chance to record them “as resolved” is made possible, contributing to the eradication of debilitating issues for eternity.


      Is aging bothering you recently? Feeling dissatisfied with life? A midlife crisis begins with negative or incorrect thoughts about “wasted” time, efforts, opportunities that can snowball into apathy. Attending one of our sessions will give you great insight into identifying the real cause(s) as well as providing a means to fighting off what is fuelling the crisis. Bring back the happy you ,that you know you can be.


      “No agenda” sessions  hone in on the underlying spiritual causes that filter through your life as pain, trauma or stagnation. Sometimes it feels like we can’t escape our problems. Fear, grief, and despair hang over our head, but we ignore it and keep plodding along. It doesn’t have to be like that. A Soulffluence strategy for emotional, mental, and psychological issues provides ultimately true catharsis for your soul.

      This was a stellar healing session. I cannot express the depth of the service that I got, or how deeply important it was. It went way below the surface, and turned things back on to me, so I could take responsibility and be empowered deeply. I've already been doing my own work, but today, she took me to a whole different level of understanding and showed me where I needed to get to. This has been invaluable, and I’m so incredibly grateful. What I like the most working with Aurora is her honesty, determination and kindness. It makes such a difference not feeling judged. For all, thank you!

      USA, Desiree, 02/09/2018

      I’ve worked with Aurora a few times & each time she has been absolutely wonderful. She is very good about picking up energy & getting a sense about any situation. She has been able to tap into my soul energy but also my husband’s and from there has been incredible with shifting mentalities, beliefs, emotions. I couldn’t believe my eyes how fast and how well she does every single session. Her passion for healing is by far the best I’ve experienced. During the healing and after I feel much more at ease, relaxed & knowing how to get what I want. I no longer dwell on anything. I look forward to seeing how I evolve & to working with her in the future! USA, Lisa 3/5/2017

      Spain, Carlos, 12/05/2016

      Finally someone who understands and knows how to help. Briliant, brilliant, briliant ! Finland, Eero, 6/20/2013 Simply amazing reader, healer and human being. She read about everyone correctly and told me my deepest feelings, issues, and the sequence of how to heal. Clear assessments, plain English and after healing shock and trauma, I felt instantly relieved. I started to cry. She has been compassionate making me feel more calm, answered all my doubts prior to the session and I felt very connected, like she understood what I was going through. Thank you very much ! I’ve recommended her to many people, without an ounce of hesitation.

      Finally someone who understands

      What can I say, she's amazing! She literally told me that my guy was home doing chores last night and then went to go meet some people out. I randomly ran into him on my way home and that is exactly what he did. Sometimes when she tells me how he's feeling, a couple hours or a couple days later he will literally say the same exact thing. Astounding! On top of all accuracy, she really does care and I know that she will not ever lead me astray as she has my best interest at heart. Genuine, accurate, detailed, helpful, very non-judgemental and a kind spiritual worker. Australia, Jessica, 08/18/2014

      United States USA, Nora, 11/10/2021


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        If you’re ready and willing to go deep, smash through your challenges, and be held accountable for unleashing the hidden potential within you, then I might be the coach for you. There’s a reason they call me the “Bullshit Pressure Washer”.

        I speak from the heart. I believe that people shift when they’re presented with stories, not statistical data. I’ve shared the stage with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, and Danielle LaPorte; and delivered talks for Apple and TEDx.