Akashic Records Reading and Healing

Let’s take a sneak peak into the unique and personal experience that are your spiritual timelines. In the spiritual world, the process of finding out what is written in your book of life is known as akashic records reading. The Akashic Records are a form of esoteric database that contains records, as is in its name, stored in an energetic imprint fashion. The record contains all the details of everything we have ever done, including our intentions, thoughts, misdeeds, and emotions from the beginning when our souls were first created to our manifestation in human form and other forms of life until the present moment.

If a psychic reading mostly focuses on the details of your present and past lives, the akashic record reading focuses on what you need to do to improve the events in the long run, as well as your future incarnations. Under the names in the Akashic records is a score, much like a report card of sorts. The files contain data of the areas we did good, where we excelled splendidly, and where we have to be better.

Why Access the Akashic Records Reading?

  1. Curiosity about what is written in your report
  2. Finding out what is “the reputation” of our soul, and what collective voices shaped our views and belief system (like past choices).
  3. Indicates which previous incarnations that want to be regressed and healed 


    What about when someone is drained by a stubborn pattern that causes them to have a problematic life? Can the Akashic Records Reading be of assistance?

    Well, after becoming acquainted with priceless insights from reading these records, it’d be wise to use them for our benefit. Akashic Records Healing is a very efficient modality to “clear” and organize the entries on these reports, addressing:

An Akashic Records Reading and Healing Uncovers

  • Emotional baggage
  • Unconscious energy kinks (known as “blockages”
  • Routines and patterns
  • Limiting states of mind
  • The collective imprints; and
  • Much more, like easing the pain or problems, replacing negative emotions with positive emotions, and expanding positive abilities.

You need to hold on tightly to my hands, as the road to your record is quite bumpy. To do this, I must have a keen sense of intuition and strong clairvoyance skills. It makes all the difference for the ability of the reader to transcend into a higher dimension with a different frequency, and be trained to open and re-record completed works into the files. As a result, to get a successful experience, it is compulsory to find a well-trained person with high spiritual knowledge to connect you to the higher and energetic stage.

Thankfully, I am blessed with the gift of spiritual knowledge, clairvoyance, and can stand being in a higher frequency. I also had a very unique paranormal experience with Archangel Pravuil, the  Guardian of The Akasha. Opening the Book of Life, for me, is like a walk in the park. The outcome of each healing session is different for everyone. However, the Akashic Reading and healing session are two common denominators we can’t do without. Also, they take about two consecutive hours.

Akashic Records Reading and Healing