For some getting to I do, is a walk in the park. For some women, it’s been a difficult path. So, congratulation is in order.

While planning the wedding is exciting, it is  also very tiring, stressful, demanding and can bring a lot of conflicts with your fiancée, families, bridesmaids, wedding planner, etc.

These are expected to a degree. What is not expected is unresolved feelings about ex-es to show up. And when they do, they do not leave because we cope through numbing or dismissing them.

This consultation focuses on clearing all energetic cords with past lovers, healing the traumatic and unpleasant memories, neutralizing past feelings of abandonment, rejection, and being mistreated.

Heal Unwanted Etheric Cords

  1. Curiosity about what is written in your report
  2. Finding out what is “the reputation” of our soul, and what collective voices shaped our views and belief system (like past choices).
  3. Indicates which previous incarnations that want to be regressed and healed 


    What about when someone is drained by a stubborn pattern that causes them to have a problematic life? Can the Akashic Records Reading be of assistance?

    Well, after becoming acquainted with priceless insights from reading these records, it’d be wise to use them for our benefit. Akashic Records Healing is a very efficient modality to “clear” and organize the entries on these reports, addressing: