Chakra Healing

As humans, we are an energetic biocomputer. All our atoms, cells, and organs are in constant communication with each other. What we know as energy—chi—flows through many pathways and nadis, and meet in a point or center known as a vortex. This vortex is called chakra.

Did you know that the quality of our lives is directly proportional with how well this fascinating and complex energetic system works?

Chakras are these life-giving and life-carrier wheels, which serve as the “heart and engine.” Our soul and higher self are inside the system, churning in information constantly.

What kind of information, you wonder? Everything!

From what we need to be aware of to what we should be cautious of to what is not working to why it isn’t working to what we need to do. Every human being is born with a complete 12 chakra system: seven chakras in the physical body and five chakras outside the human body, in our auric field (subtle bodies).

The 7 chakra are located in several points along our spine, in a strategic vertical placement. From outside, we really look like a “cocoon” of energy, and inside this cocoon are the different chakras.

Chakra healing is a term, but a wrong one. While we cannot heal the chakras, we can assess their conditions and make necessary corrections to help them function properly. As posited by Eastern Philosophy, it is when our chakras become full of dense or dull energy that illnesses and stagnation occur in our lives.

What Will this Session be Like?

In this session, we will explore your chakras under my guidance while I make the necessary corrections: clearing, tensing, bending, balancing, and optimizing.

This session is designed this way to teach you how to balance your chakras on your own, once each month. It helps if you know for yourself than to be dependent on me. Chakra assessment is the foundation for everything else to work properly in our lives, and is something we must know. Depending on how ready, spiritually developed, and desiring of ascension you are, we can explore the seventh chakra system or even go as far as the twelfth, for those seeking advance knowledge in the spiritual path.


Myths about Chakras

  • They have dark malefic energy 
  • They are blocked
  • They are closed
  • They are not important 
  • They are cursed
  • They are controlled by someone 
  • They are in the way of ascension
  • They are “garbage” compared to the light body
  • They are not affected by thoughts and emotions

When chakras lose their energy, their colors become darker. Make no mistake; the color doesn’t depict some dark or malefic energy. Instead, it’s an indication that something is off in our energy system. The energy system should never be blocked. Sure, its speed could decrease, and it might appear slow and cause many forms of psychological issues. But, it’s never blocked. There is no such thing as a “closed” chakra. In fact, we would not be alive if any of the chakras were to close down.

The purpose of chakra healing (read assessment) is to identify their condition and make the corrections needed for RETURNING THEM TO THEIR INITIAL BLUEPRINT (the divine condition). When chakras are “as per our Creator’s mould,”  they support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This is the primary healing we need—to create a “groundwork” for the specialized healing of your issues to take root and grow.

Effects of a Clear, Balanced and Optimized Chakra System

  • Being grounded
  • Being supported by life
  • Being certain of Self
  • Being on purpose
  • Being nourished by life
  • Greater interactions with others
  • Being provided financially
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Harmonious romantic relationships
  • Healthy sexual lives
  • Creativity
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • Self-appreciation and self-motivation
  • Compassion and understanding
  • Greater communication with your spiritual team
  • Self-integrity
  • Inspiration
  • Self love and agape love
  • Neutral

Better Quality of Life always Starts with a Decision!

  • Clearing is a process of removing hooks, imprints, and cords that might block your chakras. A cleared or cleansed chakra blooms like a flower.
  • Bending is an esoteric contraction of the vortex.
  • Tensing is wiring them for automatic corrections. When we tense a chakra, it expands.
  • Balancing is an alignment between certain chakras, in a particular sequence, to promote clear communication between these points of energy.
  • Optimizing is the cherry on top. It’s all about filling the chakras with chi and prepping them to do their “jobs” properly. This way, they can pulsate with life force and flow in the direction that you were born with.

Chakra Healing