Coaching for Wellbeing, Success and Spiritual Development


Coaching in general is a thought-provoking type of care plans, where the coach (me) asks you questions aimed to help you gain wisdom though reflection and self-discovery.

My coaching packages, however, bring more to the table- utilizing the answers for integration, right on the spot.

Multiple sessions can help you make many positive changes and achieve your dreams and goals, while returning you to your original blueprint, in terms of energy purity.


If You are Experiencing any of The Following

  • Being stuck in a relationship that you are certain isn’t good for you
  • Frustration about why your vision board is not bringing into reality your desires
  • A lot to do on your list with no real satisfaction or time left for yourself
  • Heavy emotions and feelings of apathy, anger, impatience, intolerance, and shame
  • Barely making ends meet when you know you can achieve prosperity, satisfaction, or notoriety in your field
  • Feeling like a victim and a failure

Wellbeing and Success Coaching will Help YOU


  • Have a strategy, with actionable tasks and practices to support your authentic self-expression
  • Discover and also eliminate the obstacles that stand in your way
  • Give you the knowledge and tools on how to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Become aware of your true essence and capacity, the soul’s goals for this incarnations and the gifts you are equipped with energetically
  • Change the habits and routines that are on automatic

What Others Say About Our Coaching

Six Months Empowered Living

These programs are very beneficial, especially when you are committed to complete the sessions and the home-study practices within six to twelve months. Details, strategy, dates, times and frequency of sessions will be selected to make this an experience for you, and will be decided in your discovery call.  Complete curriculum and plan of action will be strategized prior to your first session. 

Aurora has been with me through my life journey and guiding directions so I can control my own ship to move forward. I really have no idea how I would go through without her help. She gave me my hope back and joie de vivre. She helped me choose a career, deal with midlife crisis – divorce, shifted my mentality from victim to winner. Thanks so so much! USA, Calista, 9/5/2021


The help I got from is beyond words. You give me an exceptional clarity on the situation at hand. You are always honest from your heart and your suggestions have been for my best interest. You have a beautiful heart and desire to help others, that's what makes you stand out from others. Thank you for each and every time you have helped me. Appreciate a lot. USA, Yvonne, 6/23/2021

United Arab Emirates

Phenomenal experience! This advisor is extremely accurate at digging deeply and knowing specifically what is going on without any info given. Everything addressed was accurate, detailed and left me in awe. It’s amazing to listen to someone break down your entire situation and the exact personalities of others as if she knew us. A must call! Will definitely be calling again! Thank you and much love always! 🙂 USA, Alexei, 3/08/2020

United Arab Emirates