So How Does This Work?

A Soulffluence consultation is “no stone unturned” style, for every type of issue, with the aim of long lasting and fast results. But, most importantly, it stays in accordance with Divine Self Will and your soul’s specific purpose for incarnation in this lifetime.

It is a “no agenda” style session, meaning even though we state our desires, we are not restricting the benefits to one specific result, a certain way, allowing the soul to surprise us with a myriad of positive emotions, experience and possibilities.

Transmutations are done based on a precise sequence for every person and every problem, decided and guided by the soul, and extends to the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, energetic, vibrational, soul level “ramifications” of the issue.

Often clients believe that the situation they’re experiencing is the problem itself. Most likely, you are now dealing with the effects caused by the real causes, or weaknesses in your energy system, that are hidden from your day to day reasoning. Even if your problem is, let’s say for example, “being in a toxic relationship,” the real cause is never the person you are talking about, but a weakness that is maintaining the problem. A weakness could be as strange as a number, an alignment with others’ point of view, a past life error of judgment, karma, your ancestors deeds, the position of your own bed, a color, atoms in your body, a trauma that was not identified, a cellular memory, a generational or geographic overlay imprint etc.

All my sessions are combining ancient traditions experienced over multiple lifetimes with the convenience of modern techniques of 21st century evolution.


What Can YOU Address in a Consultation?

Anything and everything. 

My consultation sessions are designed with healing, manifestation, and questions in mind. So, come with the expectation of being freed of anything that bothers you. Consultation sessions usually run for 1 hour or 2 hours. 

Depending on the type of issues you want to address, consultations are delivered over the phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype.

This is your time when you can ask your specific questions related to your being, have the answers and new perspectives, and make the decision to implement healing and corrections. You can vent, share, confess, transmute, align, optimize. You will also manifest your truest soul purpose.

What is My Role?

As a spiritual facilitator, I will:

  • Help you distinguish between low and high levels of your own consciousness.
  • Listen attentively to your truth and Your Soul’s truth.
  • Give you an unbiased perspective.
  • Dispel the illusions. 
  • Identify the correct roots, and ramifications.
  • Make all energetic corrections to alleviate the stress, emotional pain, and misunderstandings associated with your situation.
  • Balance your energy and expand your Lightbody.
  • Make sure you feel relief during the session.
  • Reprogram your subconsciouss mind with new empowering beliefs
  • And much more….

What Can You Experience During the Session and After?


  • Tingling throughout your body
  • Yawning more than usual
  • Tiredness when deep rooted issues are transmuted
  • Feeling “a weight” lifted off your chest
  • Less reactive behaviors, emotions, and thoughts
  • Radical acceptance of Self, situations, and others
  • Certainty that things are improving in your life
  • Healthier points of view
  • A clean slate and a healthy new direction
  • Unfoldment of your soul purpose and truest desires
  • Divine assistance through “signs” and synchronicities
  • A new default state: BEING joyful, content and aligned with your TRUE SELF and GOD.


As much as I would like to simply wave a magic wand and instantly deliver all of your wishes to you at once, it is a little, well actually a lot, more complex than that. Why so? Because only YOU can accept the changes at the human level, and you do this at your own pace. Together, we WILL see the instant changes made at spiritual levels show up in your current life, and the EVOLVED AND EMPOWERED YOU emerging.



Amazing, talented person, also very communicative and truly gifted. Her insights are the real thing and I always get such a nice warm feeling when I read her words & guidance. Wonderful experience! 🙂

Linnea Published 1 year ago

Exceptional session. Very grateful to you for this Divine direction, guidance and healing. Thank you immensely.

Kalah Published 5 years ago

Clear direction and indication how I should get things started, as well as when I should do that. Thank you, Master. It has been a blessing with you here.

Axel Published 3 years ago

Aurora is a spiritual detective. She can find the source of a problem, even if it relates to several past lives, and provides very in depth information. She put in a lot of effort to rectify my problems, from many different angles.

Helga Published 2 years ago

Wow wow wow she can see through our bodies and minds like an x-ray machine, amazing work again. I am so grateful to you for my soul profile. I am so happy you are fixing this, you are an alchemist, you make things happen !! Thank you!!!

Yvette Published 4 years ago

Very professional and talented. I received more than I expected. She knows exactly what to do. The delivered report made me feel like is Christmas morning. Thank you so much for all the extras you did. Proud of you, our Cherished and Respected Romanian.

Cornelia Published 7 months ago

Awesome work quality! Aurora went above and beyond for my coaching sessions and I will definitely be coming back for optimizations.

Michelle Published 1 week ago

I am speechless a stranger could help me in one hour, to the degree she had. Very professional. Customer service is A+. I am a new person after my first emotional healing.

Madison Published 2 week ago

I am in my 40s and I’ve never thought a spiritual coach will make me cry. I’ve decided to have a Gold Coaching package, and transform myself, into a healthy-emotional man. It all started as I was devastated over the breakup with my fiancée. Even though Aurora was kind, and honest, she will “bring down the hammer” and help me face my shadow. How indebted I am to her for not allowing me to stay with my BS, and not letting me manipulate her into “I am right”. What am I grateful for the most? She didn’t give up on me ( I still wonder at her patience and that she didn’t hang up on me on a few “rude” occasions) and just as she promised, she helped me get back to myself. Aurora, is now for me, a great friend for life.

Samuel Published 1 year ago

Really helped me see clarity to a situation and answered questions I needed answered - absolutely amazing. Would recommend and will use again. Thank you x

Ellie Published 1 year ago

    44 Categories For a Consultation

    • Akashic Records
    • Beliefs
    • Children
    • Energetics
    • Gratitude
    • Light  Language
    • Men
    • Money
    • Psychic
    • Soul
    • Vibrational        
    • Addictions
    • Business
    • Consciousness
    • Family
    • Healing
    • Love
    • Mentality
    • Motherhood
    • Psychological
    • Spiritual
    • Vices
    • Ascension
    • Chakra
    • Creativity
    • Feelings
    • Infidelity
    • LGBTQ
    • Midlife Crisis
    • Past Lives
    • Relationships
    • Teenagers
    • Weight
    • Behavior
    • Character
    • Emotions
    • Forgiveness
    • Karma
    • Marriage
    • Mind
    • Physical Body
    • Sexuality
    • Trauma
    • Women