Crystal Healing


Have you ever wondered why a certain crystal seems to speak to you?

I know I have!

Long ago, I discovered that crystals and gemstones, much like trees, plants, and herbs are in sync with the vibrations of the earth, thanks to their formations. This means that they are capable of healing and manifesting. All they really do, when used properly, is dissolving our energy kinks into their own energetics and lifting our vibrations. Simply put, they prevent things from escalating, and people from trying to dull our spark!

Crystal healing is the practice of using specific crystals to clear our energy centers or chakras. The primary purpose of crystal healing is to neutralize.

Crystals Helping?

  • As a conductor, carrying energy towards you
  • As dispeller, carrying energy away from you; and
  • As a neutralizer, dissolving energy before it affects you.

There is power in numbers… and I don’t imply numerology, even though our name and date of birth greatly influences our lives. I have a lot of crystals, and each of them serve a different purpose. During crystal healing sessions, you will get a chance to use a few of each kind. Over the years, when I’ve experimented with different stones, I’ve noticed that the magnetism between them has grown stronger. And the more I used them, the faster and better I got, especially when using a few stones of the same kind together with some supporting crystals or conductors.

Creating your own personal crystal healing grid

This service is a report that will be delivered to you withing 48 – 72 hours, after you place your order. It is a customized “grid” based to your vibrations and lifecycles, to help the release of your issue on automatic, or draw (magnetize) the manifestations of your desires.

I customize only two types of grids: For Healing (release of a specific issue) and for Manifesting (a specific desire per grid).

You can expect the following in the report:

In the report, you will receive:

In the report, you will receive:

  • The names of the crystals
  • How many are needed
  • The grid – based on sacred geometry
  • The placement
  • The angle and direction
  • The perfect time to use it
  • The clearing statement
  • The activation statement

Set it and Forget it

The best upside of having a crystal healing grid of your own is that it works for you as a form of dormant healer each day.

Come, let’s build you a grid for love, health, money, creativity and ascension!

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