You will start noticing changes during the sessions. But it will take up to 30 days for the full benefits and healing to be completely integrated. If your problem is single and specific, about two hours are enough to transmute it. However, if you have an older problem (years or decades old), we’ll need more time. Also, speed depends on how quickly you can process everything. If you’ve worked on yourself in the past, the process will be faster and your healing will manifest quickly.


Yes. It’d be too good to be true if all my reviews are positive. I’ve worked as a psychic on many platforms since 2004, and have gathered thousands of reviews ranging from one to five stars. I’ve got “reactive” feedback from people who didn’t like the insights, but found out I was correct with my readings nonetheless. There have also been instances were my readings were inaccurate. It’s only a given that this happens; I’m only human after all. However, between 2018 and now, I’ve only ever had a 1 star rating, which the client didn’t comment on. My current customer satisfaction sits at 99.92%.

I dislike holding on to experiences that I don’t want, so there’s no point having it on my website. My philosophy is about healing from the negatives of life, and I like to lead the way by steering away from negative comments, and walk the talk.

Yes. Psychic readings, soul profiling, Akashic Records reading, past life readings, and regressions can be recorded for later use. However, I do not encourage recording and listening to healing sessions, as they will reinstate things that were released during the initial process. But if the customer insists, I have to do as they please. Although, it’s imperative that they inform me of their decision beforehand.

I am a specialist in vibrational, morphic field, spiritual and energetic corrections.

Of course. I’ll start by validating your Twin Soul connection before assisting you to work towards your inner union and Reunion as you complete the spiritual initiation to becoming a Twin Flame. I’ll also answer your questions and help you achieve telepathic connection with your twin soul. I won’t be doing any abracadabra, however. You do all the work; my job is merely to guide you towards removing all inhibitions and all programming.

I can perform consultations via phone calls, Zoom and Skype meetings, or WhatsApp. All you have to do is specify your preference in your order There is also an option for mini sessions when I text you or chat with you to offer intuitive guidance at a fee. Some services are via email.

Religious teachings tend to portray an erroneous image of God as some sort of authoritarian figure that must be obeyed and glorified. That’s just based on fearing or loving God. Spirituality is a little more in-depth. It’s about having a relationship with a loving God who is an extension of ourselves. Religion has a stricter routine and rituals, and thrives on herd mentality. Spirituality, on the other hand, is more individual-centric.

I intend to serve everyone that is drawn to book a session with me. My work is based on the premise of no coincidences. Meaning, anyone who finds me has a soul agreement with me. Think of it as preestablished or fate. I pray daily and wake up with the intention of meeting people who require my help. Albeit, I tend to distance myself from people who are unwilling to help themselves, are rude, or believe there is some magic to healing and I can just wave everything off with a wand.

All my sessions are based on customer satisfaction during and after the session. While the customer is stating what is their desire to work on, it is ultimately the soul that shows what is in the best interest for the human experience. I make suggestions, but I honor what the customer feels comfortable at the time of the session.

Yes, currently there are a few packages, for customers who need to work on multiple issues, or for seekers on the spiritual path of ascension. Each package brings a substantial saving.

No, you can use the, when you need them, preferably within a year.

Yes, many consider me a “tough-love” type of facilitator. I consider myself doing my job well, as everything that I say comes from higher dimensions, not my mind.

I am a very polite professional, who desires to offer a great experience to everyone. I honor and respect each and every one who trusts me with their inner pain and inner desires. I am compassionate, but you will hear the truth, about yourself, your situation and everyone involved. On occasions, instructed by your soul, I “bring down the hammer”, for which you will be very thankful in the end. I hold you accountable, for doing whatever practice is suggested in the follow-up, and on coaching packages, “complaining and venting” about a past situation is limited.  I do not enable people to depend on me, and when needed, I communicate that to the customer.

I love my work, every aspect of it. I enjoy seeing how people return to their true selves, how their attitude changes, how their lives flourish. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that someone who used to be in pain is liberated. It makes me feel useful, and I am honoring my soul’s purpose, witnessing and “decoding” the soul language for others. This is why I incarnated for.

I offer private mentorship for a maximum of 4 people, on a one year long program. I do not have a home-study for spiritual matters. A new seeker can learn important spiritual things from my books, “ At The Psychic’s Desk “ and “Twin Flame GPS”. For a lot of questions, people book a session and ask me anything they desire to know. Many people, also send me a question about spirituality, consciousness, healing, intuitive work via email. You can also email to me your questions, and I will write blogs and newsletters about these topics.

 I surely can. I am able to explain, validate, give guidance, make corrections, optimize the chakra system for ascension,  as well as the light body, be there during the Dark Night of The Soul, discuss your soul blueprint, tendencies and aspects, light language and codes that you are “due” to recieve and many more.

This is a secure site, and your info are safe. Whatever you share with me, stays with me. I do not have an assistant, and your emails are only read by me. I do not sell your email to others, I do not disclose your name, profession, situation to others. During sessions, I could refer to a story – that I know from someone I’ve worked with for making a point, for relating, as an example, but I never give any personal details. The type of work we do together is sacred, based on ultimate trust. 

I do not report anything or anyone to any law enforcement agencies.

I have also dealt with a lot of people who were suicidal at the time of the session, and guided them away to safety, healing away and maintain them in prayers long after the sessions ended.

However, if the situation is out of hands ( never happened since 1989), I have to act on your behalf.

Please write to me about your unique problem/desire and if I can help you, I will let you know. In my Types of Services I placed the ones I have performed the most.

Yes. I have stopped several psychic readings, for different reasons, such no connection, the quality of questions asked. On a few occasions, the healing would not take place, and we agreed to reschedule the session a few days later.

Whatever time is left, will be used whenever you need it.

I stay within the time of the session, to be able to prepare for the next customer, and NOT inconvenience anyone else’s schedule. As I ask people to be there when I call, I hold myself to the same standard, calling people on time.

If I don’t have another appointment, and you desire more time, I will let you know and we continue. After the session, you are required – without me prompting, or reminding – to pay for the difference.

I do not make predictions. I make assessments of the energy and offer possible time frames for things to happen. If these come without the customer asking, they are almost 100% accurate.

In this case, I am not the facilitator for you. I do not censor the information given by your soul or your spiritual team. Most of the time during the session I am in a light trance, the insights flow without me having the chance to pick and choose. However, in my experience, the soul will not deliver anything that someone cannot handle, or without turning out to be a gift, no matter how negative might seem at first.


God NO. I am human, flawed, like everyone else on Earth. I do not see me better or worse than anyone. I do not see people as bad or good, I see the souls and the experiences they have.

A praise for me validates only that I’ve provided good work. Criticism is data for me to improve abilities, experience for the client and gauge where I am on my spiritual evolution. Neither one goes to my head, I see everything as IS.

I am human and I am prone to make mistakes. For sure I am not perfect, and I am not 100% right, all the time, on everything. I have a lot of wisdom, vast experience, and also discernment, uncanny ability to see a problem from human level as well as spiritual level, and the points of view of others involved All these make me sound right most of the time, during the sessions. I want you to know, most of the things coming through me, are not from my mind. Perception cannot be quantified, this is why “being right” is never 100%. Spiritual workers desire to be at 80% “being right” which is extremely high when it comes to perception. On the other hand, I pray to be right for your sake, and I strive to give my very best. For this alone, I pray for truth and fabulous results for my customers.

I don’t guarantee I can help with a private full session, but if you write to me, and my soul directs me to help, I do the work for a donation of a few dollars – an exchange for no future karma to be created. Make a Wish service is for people who cannot afford the price, or for the ones who would love a professional healer to do distant healing work on their behalf and for their benefit. I also offer 2 free sessions a month, for whoever needs it the most, or randomly picking someone from my contact list. Sometimes the person is a prior customer, someone who chose Make a Wish service, and sometimes is a person who never had a session with me. People in need and with financial issues, are invited for free to be part of monthly group healings.

Yes. I do believe these being intentions for negative outcomes performed with the use of candles, oils, etc. I also believe, they do not have to cost more than any other services. No matter the situation, most likely it requires 2 hours of work, with the person present on the phone, fully aware and giving permission for any corrections to be made. I do not offer this type of services, but I do not turn away from someone who is affected by them.  For me, there is no difference between anxiety, fear, lack of money, any other issues and a curse.

I pray and wish for everyone to be open and transparent from the get go. It makes a huge difference. I also wish for customers to pray before choosing a facilitator, allowing their soul to connect them with the person who right for them, at that particular time. I wish for my customers to consider me their ally, someone who will do anything in her power to be there for them.

      If you filled the intake, you already have prepared for what will be discussed and transmuted during your sessions.  It is important you are not disturbed by interferences – calls, texts, people walking in, and that you are in the privacy of your home, not at work, or in a public place.

      I advise you lit a candle and have a glass of water, near you, a pen and paper for notes. You can also read this article, or read  my book, At The Psychic’s Desk.

             I love this practice and you can do this before the session, especially if you desire to receive psychic insights.

Name out loud five things that you see around you

Bed, nightstand, painting, a ring on the nightstand, a t-shirt on the chair.

Name out loud four things that you feel

Hair is silky, hands are helpful, cold air on my legs,  the rug underneath is velvety

Name out loud three things you can hear

Dryer is running, honk of a car outside, a dog barking.

Name out loud two things you can smell

Fresh linens air freshener, basil from my pot. 

Name out loud one thing that you would like to taste

Something you would like to eat or drink, or simply have near you a piece of chocolate, apple with caramel sauce drizzled on it or a cup of ginger tea with a slice of lemon.

Take a deep breath and you are grounded. The more you do this, it becomes automatic. After doing this a few times, you will be able to ground yourself just by thinking to be grounded.

      Filling the intake is a gift, not a chore. It saves you valuable time during your first session, time better used for healing and optimizations. 

      The purpose of an Intake is for you to analyse what is really going on in your life and to “get real” and comfortable sharing negative aspects. It helps you state the intention of what is important for you to work on. It is not mandatory, if it makes you uncomfortable.  However, If it is not filled at the time of the session, the first session with me will start with a discussion, for the purpose to feel your current vibration and real causes of the problems. When is done prior, I have a chance to know the soul strategy before we start the session.