What is healing

Healing doesn’t only apply to physical health, but to other aspects of your well-being too, like your spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Being healed creates a much bigger effect that we know—it gets to the soul. A healing session aims to correct the cause of things that we experience in our lives, to ensure that painful results are transcended.

Healing isn’t done but experienced by the facilitator. This is why it’s incorrect to call someone a healer, when all the work is done by God, our souls, and the universe. The soul is the primary healer, and gets its healing by releasing, clearing, accepting, changing and receiving.

What is the process like?

Release comes from the story we tell others and ourselves, which is done by evaluation (removing the errors and effects of judgement). The removal helps to create room for clarity. Now, we can identify the real roots of problems and clear out the ramifications(like emotions, beliefs, attitudes, vices, interferences, etcetera), which only makes problems grow.

Clearing makes space in the place where problems used to be. The space created can now be filled by our life force in its purest form, allowing us to receive optimization from light—the primary substance and effect of creation. However, we can’t get the help we need unless we ask for it. What’s more, help comes faster when we ask mode specifically. To get the fastest help possible, we must approach the process of transmuting our problems in an energetic sequence. You don’t have to continue living a life of sadness, shame, grief, guilt, despair, unfounded fears, and unfulfillment. Your condition is neither permanent nor without cure.

There are three types of healing modalities, which are just as useful and potent. They are broken into a three-step process:

  • Comprehensive assessment,
  • Clearing and healing,
  • Integrating new energy, patterns and beliefs that helps you achieve your desire(s).

Whether it takes one or more sessions to finalize your healing depends on the issues we’ll be dealing with. If you have a long-standing issue you haven’t quite gotten over, or some unresolved traumas, we’ll need all the time it takes. But, rest assured, we will find the underlying cause, clear it out, and help you find your zen.

Over the years, my clients have asked me for help with various problems. However, their problems are often similar and can be narrowed down to the following things:

  • Losing weight caused by emotional trauma.
  • Alleviating panic attacks and the fear of being fired. Or, needing help getting through periods of unemployment.
  • Clearing energy from toxic family members and co-workers.
  • Easing financial crisis to begin manifesting abundance.
  • Heartbreak, addictions, character flaws, emotional instability, mental anguish, PTSD.
  • In the last three decades, I’ve worked on healing in 33 different areas. I have the experience to deal with many issues concerning bad habits, areasof lack, pain points, etcetera that may bother you. However, we will approach your healing in specific order. The recipe we’ll use will come from your soul, as this process tends to be more impactful and brings about faster results. So, while it’s your purpose to be exceptional, it’s my calling to help you get there.