Midlife Crisis

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Hello, my beautiful reader. I’ve experienced many crises during my time as a psychic, and I know exactly how you feel.

But what if I told you that I have many different solutions to all the crises that befall you? Or, should I say, midlife crisis?

You should know that a crisis can happen at any point. However, what makes a midlife crisis different from a regular crisis is that it occurs as a result of the choices we made or didn’t make. However, since it is the aftereffect, we can’t accurately identify a specific source for it.

When you experience a midlife crisis, you would usually be:


  • Questioning your identity, values, and choices.
  • Doubting your entire existence.
  • With little to no drive or passion for anything.

In a nutshell, these points explain how midlife crises work. However, in truth, that isn’t the entire definition of the term. Midlife crisis isn’t something that happens to people within the 45 to 65 age bracket alone. Of course, people within that age may likely be going through a crisis of their own, but many start experiencing midlife crises from their thirties.

Thirty is the new forty, isn’t it?

Think of midlife crises as a long-term trouble you had coming anyway. As a result, there are stages to it:


  • Denial: This is the point when you refuse to accept the reality of things.
  • Anger: At this stage, the facts start to come to light but you just ignore them. Doing so only increases negative and harsh emotions.
  • Replay: This is a crucial stage. You will usually be trying to relive the past in various ways, and not in the most appropriate ways.
  • Depression: The failure of the third stage causes sadness and drains your motivation to get through the day.
  • Withdrawal: Sometimes, the other stages have done such a number on you that you do your best to avoid your environment. This stage usually happens when you start analyzing the pain caused by the previous stages.
  • Acceptance: This is known as the healing stage. At this point, you have accepted your situation and are trying to make compromises.

Women tend to focus more on youth and appearance, while men are often too focused on success.

During the early periods of a midlife crisis, you will usually be overly conscious of your health and appearance. You will make unnecessary comparisons, be easily irritated, and have negative views of your future. Typically, the different stages of a midlife crisis are informative in and of themselves. However, we rarely address problems at their initial stages; hence, why midlife crises are an indication of decades worth of issues, which we numbed and ignored until they exploded on us.

The sessions designed to deal with midlife crisis typically follow this format:





And  Bringing to Life the Authentic New and Improved YOU.

If you are experiencing a midlife crisis, it’s best to prime your mind to the reality that there are a lot of issues you will have to work through. You need at least 3 to 10 sessions to thoroughly deal with the situation, depending on the stage you are currently in, and how long your midlife crisis has been going on for.

Midlife Crisis​