Psychic Readings

What are psychic readings?

Psychic reading is the process of discerning information using a higher level of perception. Think of it as a trip to your doctor or favorite spa—events that involve conversations and questions and answers between two parties, usually a client and a psychic. In the end, money is bartered for the time and experience of the latter.

Contrary to popular beliefs, psychic readings are not set in stone predictions. What I offer are perspectives, two sides of possible outcomes: the best and worst case scenarios of how the future may play out. It’s from these scenarios that I draw informed answers for you, and how much you trust me affects the quality of the entire process.

Psychic readings aren’t rocket science. If you can read situations and accurately discern and separate facts and emotions, past from future, and channel a source, you can attempt just about all the types of reading. Mind you, “types” in this sense refer to tools rather than the skill itself. The types of readings in use today vary with the situation and skill set of the psychic. There are chat readings, tea leaves, archangel readings, channeling, phone readings, coffee cups, angels reading, automate writing, oracle readings, spiritual reading, runes, among others.

Life and Career Questions

Before attempting to read a client, it’s normal to ask some specific questions about their finances, friends, health, family, and career. With this, we can identify signs and patterns about decisions that will bring them the most positive outcomes.

Questions Typically Border on the Following

Specific Questions:

  • Is this particular (say, graphic design) career a good fit for me?
  • Which month is best to take my vacation to Bali?
  • Why am I unhappy, even though everything in my life seems perfect?
  • Is my team great for my business to succeed?
  • Does my significant other love me?
  • Will I get married this year?

Situational Questions:

  • I would like to know about meeting someone for marriage.
  • My boyfriend is slowly slipping away. What is the reason and what can I do, or not do to improve it?
  • My financial situation for the rest of the year.

Love Readings: Soul Mates, Catalyst, Karmic

Love is wonderful in and of itself, although it can also be confusing, especially when fear is also involved. This is the case for many relationships, because there isn’t a definite template for approaching them. Often, people in relationships will run into the difficulty of questions they can’t answer on their own. Whether you’re starting a new relationship or experiencing marriage troubles, have been abandoned or ghosted by your significant other, in a divine relationship (soulmate, catalyst, or karmic), or find yourself in a love, there will be tricky questions for you to ponder. Your conclusions on them will come from both a practical and spiritual standpoint—your soul’s agreement and the purpose of your significant other in your life.


Spiritual readings pertaining to matters of love are challenging and slow to answer the many quandaries of life. Instead, they are an always-developing thought-provoking level of insight.

Are psychic readings the same thing as spiritual readings?

Yes and no. Insights are channeled from a source or soul (or group of souls) with high vibrations. The answer goes deeper than just yes or no, and to understand it, we must focus on the agenda of the soul. This way, we can understand the cornerstones that line your path and shape your experiences.

In my book, “At The Psychic Desk,” I discussed several topics relating to “insider’s information” about the psychic readings, including how to prepare for a reading and what to do after a reading. I love to do all types of readings. Even though I am more of a jack of all trades with no specialization in a fixed reading type, I have performed tens of thousands readings on love, relationships, and soul connections.


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Psychic Reading Chat

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