Shamanic Journeying

While past lives reveal our human experiences at different times and places, shamanic journeying is a trip into the unconscious mind, otherwise known as the underworld. The process comes from an ancient mode of accessing insights and spiritual guidance by creating a partnership with spirit guides, animal spirit allies, and the earth (Pachamama in this case).

Shamanic journeying begins with calling upon the great spirits of the South, West, North, East, Heavens, Earth, Within, and Universe. It aims to satisfy curiosity and help with personal healing and growth. The healing modality, in this case, is a passage to inner worlds of power and transformational wisdom of the elements. Here, there is a supreme dense

energy that takes the form of a fluid within your central nervous cortex, although it can also crystalize in other areas like the muscles and veins, among others. In itself, this energy is damaged and is responsible for some of the ailments that bother us, like addiction, depression, hatred, mood swings and a myriad of other issues.

There are Five Main Steps in a Shamanic Journeying

  • The intention and the reasons for journeying and what you would like to get out of this session.
  • Extraction of unwanted energies from the Underworld, who have been buried.
  • Correction of the energies that have been extracted and illumination of the Matrix.
  • Meeting your spirit guides and power animals that are your allies in your journey
  • Receiving a “gift” called Totem from your Spirit Guide, whose properties are like a magnet of desired outcomes.

Shamanic Journeying