Soul Profiling

Whether its career-based aspirations, or the quest to reach the majestic heights of love and connection, or healing trauma and pain both from the past and in the present, knowing the soul qualities and difficulties it is the first step.

I have access to the answers you need.

It is time to finally KNOW truly who you are at a soul level with a soul profiling. This intuitive reading report will give KNOWLEDGE into your soul’s journey, insights into who you really are at the soul level and what challenging aspects you set to transmute in this lifetime.

How can you find out the aspects of your soul?

Having a report – the soul profiling, gives you also the opportunity to make sense of your current human experience and a great chance to make the right decisions to move forward towards maturity. Maturity is a higher level of consciousness.

There is no coincidence you are here. You are someone that has chosen to take the spiritual path into ascension and personal growth in this lifetime.


1. Place an order.

2. Email the following:

  • Full name at birth and full current name (after marriage, or name change) 
  • One headshot of yourself, looking in front of you. The picture has to be current, not older than 30 days and to show clearly your eyes.
  • Date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth.
  • Current city and country of residence.

3. Within 2 – 4 weeks, due to high orders on this service, you will receive a written report. 

A complete report has 88 different aspects, a brief explanation of what does each aspect mean, and YOUR SPECIFIC ASPECT. These are a few of these aspects: soul type, group, major, ray, color, code, energy ratio, past lives total, twin soul, soul age, ancestral trap, arrows, bargains, contracts, attitudes, mantra, authority, godsparks, earthbounds, blue lights, white lights, core wounds, chakra system, fragments, karma, hooks, personal mission, etc.

When you know who you are, only then can you start to piece together your real purpose.


What will you gain from having a soul profiling?


A chance to connect with people from your own soul group

  • Answers to the questions you’ve been struggling to find
  • a chance to connect with people from your soul group
  • The corrections and adjustments necessary for deep healing of trauma and pain
  • The priceless gift of knowing who you are and what you are working with
  • A list of challenges that you long to overcome
  • A clearer path forward and greater clarity about your qualities 

Soul Strategy for Self Healing

What if there was a specific order that you will follow, like a recipe, that will help you with your personal growth and your ascension?


There is! 

How can you use this service?

You can choose a general strategy. Some structure is still better than not knowing where to start. This strategy has 44 different aspects.

You can have a customized strategy. If you want to heal yourself, step by step, this strategy will give you the direction and specific insights on what will work for you best and the fastest. Based on your desires and needs, this strategy will have between 88 aspects and 122 aspects, insights provided by your soul.