Soulffluence Healing

Soulffluence healing is “no stone unturned” style, for every type of issue, with the aim of long lasting and fast results. But, most importantly, it stays in accordance with God’s will and the soul’s specific purpose for incarnation in this lifetime.

The purpose of this session isn’t to get money or get the spouse of your dreams or start a family. We aren’t here to learn any lessons either, but to remember our origin, deprogram by healing and align for newer experiences. Not achieving this change makes our reincarnation ad nauseam, and frankly, it tires the soul to repeatedly reincarnate in human form after failing to identify and absorb the wisdom to support its ascension.

To ascend, we must become pure energy. This is why we need the healing energy—the soul craves and demands it. And it’s up to us to make it happen.

This healing is done based on the guidance of the soul. It follows a precise order for every person and every problem, and extends to all aspects of well-being: emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, energetic, vibrational.

Furthermore, there are no agendas involved, and healing is done for the purpose of liberation rather than for reward or result. Allowing the soul to reign unbridled guarantees the most unimaginable of results. Joy and contentment as a default state of being. The healing will also be recorded in the Akashic Records.

I’ll also make recordings of the session if you want, although I won’t encourage you to. Listening to such records will only bring back what you were healed of. Those problems have gone in the garbage and have been disposed of, so there’s no need to look back on them once, let alone repeatedly. The subconscious mind can be conditioned through repetition, and we don’t want that to happen.

Soulffluence Healing​