A 5-sessions Package was enough for me, to have clarifications, release some of my frustrations as a new MGTOW. I wasn’t sure if Aurora would understand what this Man Going Their Own Way was, let alone if she would be able to help me. My doubts were put to rest on my discovery call, when I saw Aurora knew about it, was friendly and non-judgmental. The strategy for my program was surprisingly detailed, and I thought she won’t be able to cover so much in five hours.  Yeah, I thought this will be something for her to hook me into more sessions. It was a combination of getting to know myself, with a chance to decide and release some annoying habits, prejudices, and pent-up emotions. Part of her strategy for me, was “venting and barking”, to which I’ve spoken my mind, “I am not paying you to hear myself talk.” Little that I knew, during the venting she was transmuting energy. Holy cow, I enjoyed venting the most, especially the result from it. I’ve never felt so free of the “garbage I was throwing up” like afterwards and ever since. She completed every single bullet point on the strategy in a little over five hours. My money was very well spent and now, I don’t react nor explain my decision to anyone. She taught me some very nice self-healing tools and let me join for free some group healing calls.  I respect Aurora, and that coming from a man running away from women, is like a mega stamp of approval – not that she needs it from me or anyone.

Thank you and big hug. (Weird fact about Aurora, she will make you embrace her at beginning and the end of the session, even though you are on the phone. It’s her thing 😊