I couldn’t take it anymore. All of it -the pain, the sadness, the confusing guidance from others. The twin flame separation was driving me bonkers, and I’ve decided to do the inner work. What a journey this has been. I came across Aurora, finding her book on Amazon. After I’ve had my validation and a consultation, I knew she would be able to help me. The angle Aurora is presenting twin flames process, is much different than the articles I’ve read. While I was doing my inner work, Aurora shared with me the unpublished manuscript for her book for Twin Flames, which was really the cherry on the sundae. I am now in contact with my twin, in the middle stages of surrender and living my soul purpose. If one is as desperate as I was, obsessing and seeing no way out, addicted to YouTube videos, articles and being a poodle for the “runner,” from the bottom of my heart I tell you, read Aurora’s books first, and grab yourself some coaching. I recommend reading the books first, because it will clarify so much about many spiritual things and save you a few hundred dollars on sessions. This worked for me wonders, and I know you’ll also get out of the twin flame maze faster than you say Bonjour.