I’ve always wanted to be able to give intuitive readings. I’ve been studying for years all sorts of divination tools, but I didn’t have the confidence to read professionally. Aurora was referred to me and I knew immediately, with her help, I would manifest my greatest dreams.  I initially purchased the silver package and updated to the Gold package, few weeks into it. I enjoyed having very structured lessons, personalized to my needs and areas of interest. In my sessions, I also had lots of healings and optimizations, and practice – hands on – helping me have the confidence and discernment, a psychic truly needs. A month after I’ve finished my sessions, Aurora introduced me to an online company where she was also working, and I was hired. Now I am a professional reader, recuperated my investment and I have the satisfaction of achieving my biggest challenge. Thank you for all you did for me. I am 100% certain, without your help, I wouldn’t been walking the talk.