Her gift is for sure knowing. Without a doubt she can find out what created a problem. I love having her as my healer and spiritual guide, because she is humble, very knowledgeable, and always looking for divine answers on how to expand her own consciousness.  That speaks volumes! I took a chance ordering a soul-strategy session. I had NO IDEA that it will prove to the best decision of my life, when it comes to personal development.  It was not fluff and stuff what I could figure out doing research. It was made specifically for me. Do I recommend Aurora? I am a new Soulffluencer, not even ten months, and I told a few of my closest friends about the services she provides, and mostly, who she is. They also love her, and respect her. I’ve read her books, which made me get to know her even more, and learned so much about psychic work and what is all for. She blows it out of the park in her industry!