Over the past year, I have been experiencing all sorts of ups & down due to my Spiritual Awakening. I was eager to learn about the journey and I felt a nudge to find out more about my past lives, being a Starseed, etc. It was all exciting and new.  I found out in a soul profile report that my soul’s origin group was from Andromeda or what some call the Mission Realm. With that little bit of information, I was back googling my new revelation. By doing so, Soulffluence appeared.  I had read Aurora’s bio, and I immediately felt a strong connection to her, even before speaking to her. I just knew I wanted to work with her.  My journey started with Aurora reviewing my soul profile (done by someone else). Some things were missing in the report (I had a total of 12 aspects on it), and because I didn’t understand what half of these terms meant for me, I took a consultation with Aurora. Right from the start, Aurora taught me more about myself. Once we’ve established what healing needed to be done, I set off on my personal healing quest, I signed up for the Diamond Package. For the past seven months, the amount of healing, guidance, wisdom, support &major breakthroughs have been astonishing. I have been to Reiki Masters, Energy Healers and even therapists before, yet they never came close to Aurora’s gifted healing abilities or number of issues resolved in a session. I remember reading about Aurora changing 3 beliefs per minute and wishing to have the same experience. Mine is even better! I’d never thought someone can make over 50 corrections in an hour, download 12 emotions in energetic fashion in one minute, read in detail 3 different past lives in forty-five minutes or change 8 beliefs in a minute. Aurora is truly unique & inspiring. I always looked forward to our sessions together and still do. She is so many people all in one. She is a transformational healer, a best friend, a mentor, a very accurate psychic, a fierce spiritual and life coach and my personal favorite, a Soul Alchemist. She is truly gifted; doesn’t do good one service only, but all the services offered on this site. She IS good. This is when I knew, I found someone who is determined to ascend in this lifetime, not just talk about it, and it showed in her consciousness and professionalism. So much has changed for me on so many levels. I never thought my vibration and consciousness will raise in such a short period of time. I felt much more evolved after the first month. I am very grateful to have found her when I needed her most. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what she has done for me and with me.  Soulffluence is indeed “cutting edge” and a way of living, not a quick fix, even though the fixes are out of this world fast. I am now one of the many who seek her one-one-one private mentorship for learning the Soulffluence way of healing. I want to learn from the best and one day soon, I’ll be able to do exactly what she does. Or as Aurora says, “as much as me or even more.