I took a few sessions to heal issues that were standing in the way of me getting married.  I felt very unlucky in love, being 37 years old, never married, never really in a long-lasting relationship. My pattern was falling in love and being dumped after a few months, without seeing it coming. I didn’t understand what the problem was, as I was a “nice girl”, with values, hard worker, great friendly attitude, great income and so on. I was wow on paper. For me, the first month coaching was not easy. Aurora really challenged me and made me really see how I was shooting myself in the foot. In the end, through healing and lots of homework, I’ve gained a lot of self-awareness, valuable tools to apply in all areas of life, and I am free of my pattern. I am in a healthy relationship, it’s been going great since March 2020, and most likely, it will lead towards marriage. Strangely though, being married is not my main goal. Being valued, nurtured and seen, have been “top on the list” ever since my “love plan” sessions.