"Thank you so much! Thank you for the beautiful messages and everything that you said rang true to me. The healing was amazing. Thank you! You made me feel calmer in 5 minutes and now, three days later, I still feel the relief. I will continue for 22 days as you advised, even months or years, because there is nothing but Love for God and Love for Him is an utmost Joy! The energy work you did helped me to remember about it again. May the Lord protect you and yours! Blessings and hugs"
"Dear Aurora, Thank You so much for the great chat and guiding me on what it is like to be 1/2 of a Twin Flame connection! This is a very unique situation that one finds themselves in, and when you have found your better half, hard to understand when they want to run away from you. It was clear to me you are a Twin Flame who had the experience. You are great! God Bless!"
"The soul profiling I have received with you left me speechless. The fact that someone could correct, on the spot, issues was mind-blowing. It resonated with me, and frankly, I did not believe that I will feel anything during the session. I DID! After 10 minutes into it, I knew I am a new, deeply transformed person. The best $300 I have spent in my entire life for a service."
"A reading with Aurora is like receiving guidance from a good friend, one that is highly educated, and knowledgeable. Not only insightful, but also honest & compassionate. Appreciated our session even if there is not much news on the love front......yet! I remain positive & hopeful:)"
"So so amazingly sweet and straight to the point. Thank you for making me feel better and listening to my feelings. I will definitely be back to talk to you again. You are one of the best! 🙂"
"Aurora was right, thank you for being more than just an advisor. You have helped me heal a big part of myself and you restored my faith, only in three days. How do you do what you do?"
"Pretty incredible about the recent reading. She predicted and insisted out POI changed his mind which I said that is not the case. Today I was informed about POI changed his mind as she predicted. Thank you for the reading. I will be back."
"Genuine and real. Very accurate, and also very honest, and she gave me some insight I will always appreciate. Always on point. She is absolutely amazing and will give you the details without sugar coating it. I have tried almost all the services she provides and each one is so different. Highly recommend! Will speak with her again and again. My go-to spiritual mentor. Thanks so much."
"Aurora is a treasure online! I can’t believe it took me a few years to stumble upon her, but I did, and I am grateful. The home study healing program she created transformed me. It was not 30 pages of nothing, or general information. The home study was real professional guidance and perspectives that made me reach inner union and outer union. I used the audios to heal issues, over and over again. It was like having tens of sessions with Aurora, without paying for it. Remarkable work and quality. Some people are born to profoundly help others, Aurora is one of these people."

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