Twin Flames

Running into your soulmate is oftentimes not a coincidence. However, we tend to confuse the feeling when we meet twin flames. See, a twin flame is a type of relationship based on spiritual growth rather than romance. It creates magic in your life, changing you both based on consciousness, soul, and experience. Twin flames are an indication of a divine intervention in your life.

Only a few people have had the pleasure of meeting other individuals who we connected with on a deep lever. It’s usually a strong pull towards the person, and you feel like they might be part of you. Being a twin soul means that you share the same frequency as the person, and s/he was once a part of your soul. It begs the question: can we really be linked to another soul, such that millenia later, and even after many incarnations, we still find and bond with them? Were you both made by the Divine Creator from the same soul, and destined to be together? Does twin flame telepathy really happen?

The Questions Stretch for Miles

Many psychics categorize this experience as a form of unrequited love. Alternatively, they may try to shoehorn it into some sort of 3D matrix relationship that they try to condition you into understanding. In psychology, this experience is classified as an avoidant love style, which is the closest to the truth from a spiritual perspective.

Even though twin flames is the term used to describe this type of soul connection, a twin soul isn’t necessarily a twin flame. However, a twin soul can become a twin flame. The process of transmutation is usually fuelled by the fire element, and is largely connected to the flame in its name. The spiritual process is automatic, and the person that is classified as “the flame” starts to feel on fire. The transformation is gradual—it burns slowly—until you become a flame.


Up until now, this process has been my most transformative. To accurately conceptualize it, I wrote a tell-all book about my experience titled, Carried Over The Water. A common maxim states that we teach what we need to learn. It took me about four years to finish this memoir, as my opinions were still taking shape during the experience. So, while I know a great deal about twin souls, I can’t claim to know everything about it. I have the rest of my life to experience it as it unfolds. But, one thing I can say for sure is that only twin souls can read other twin souls psychically, and with near perfect accuracy.

A twin flame reading from a psychic who didn't have the experience of this process is a detrimental agent in the connection.

Sessions Can Be for Various Reasons!


The idea that you alone validates whether or not you are with your twin soul is incorrect. Another twin soul can also validate your connection with your twin soul.


You need a guiding and experienced hand to ensure that you don’t make devastating mistakes. It’s imperative.

Healing Core Wounds

The twin flame process is all about self-healing to achieve self love and true love. And twin souls have a lot of healing to do.

Healing the Connection

The connection between twin souls may be damaged, but it can also be repaired with energy.

Soul Alignment

This process is all about aligning the soul with the process and the soul branch.

Divine Mission Alignment

To bring twin souls together, especially when one is ready to launch their divine mission and the other isn’t in touch.