Addictions: any type of substance (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol), and non-substance addiction (phones, gaming, gambling, internet, etcetera).

Align with Ascendant Masters: seekers who would like to align their consciousness with the principles of Jesus Christ, Buddha & Kriya Babaji, Mary Magdalene, and their universal templates.

Akashic Records Reading: knowing that is recorded in your past, present and probable future Akashic Files

Anger: all about the causes of anger, behaviors, and anger undertones.

Anxiety:  all about anxiety and anxious personality, helping you to let go of anxiety and find inner peace.

Ascension Activation with Light Codes and Soul Color: identifying your born with soul color and soul personal code, as well as the universal 12 activation codes for ascension.

Automatic Writing Reading: automatic channeling in writing, with Edgar Cayce, for your specific questions.

Beliefs and Blocks: identifying and changing any unwanted beliefs and blocks of positive beliefs, patterns, and habits in your life.

Betrayal: overcome any kind of betrayal and heal the hurt it caused.

Body Systems Optimizations: energetic optimization of all body systems: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive etc.

Boundaries: exploring and optimizing your internal and external boundaries.

Bride-to-Be: spiritual assistance for any issues showing up prior to getting married, cutting energetic cords with prior romantic/sexual partners.

Business Profit Hologram: creating a profit holographic imprint for the firm as an entity, and for the CEO, employees too.

Business Start Up Energetic Foundation: clear out potential spiritual obstacles when starting a new business.

Calling in The Beloved: the shamanic practice of calling telepathically and energetically aligning your beloved—the true love of your life.

Cap Limitation: identifying and removing the “caps” (the amount that is the default) on your income, profit, and success.

Chakra Alignment: analysis and correction for the 7 chakras system and the 13-chakra system

Children: remedying peer pressure, bed wetting, siblings’ rivalry, behavior etcetera.

Commitment: commitment phobia or the resistance to commitment in love relationships, and other areas of your love life.

Confession and Deep Secrets: witnessing your confessions and deep secrets. Then, we will embark on forgiveness healing for yourself and others.

Conscious Creation:  co-creating the hologram of your desire, while in a theta state of mind.

Consciousness Stages: identifying your state of consciousness and decide on how best to use it and “graduate” to a higher one.

Creativity Clearing of Imprints and Hooks: let go of the imprints and hooks that affect your creativity as a writer, painter, or freelancer.

Crystal Healing Grid: the creation of a grid supporting your healing and manifesting.

Curses Hexes Oaths Promises Spells Vows: releasing energetic programs that maintain a being cursed mentality.

Dark Night of The Soul: easing the pain and gaining wisdom of what the dark night of the soul it finetuning at the time.

Dating: identify the challenges in dating, analyze patterns and proffer solution to them.

Deceased Loved Ones: clearing the hurt of losing a loved one, saying a proper goodbye, and clearing their issues, from last incarnation.

Divine Intervention for Christians: asking for intercession on your behalf and leading you to a deeper bond with Jesus Christ.

Driving and Accidents: all things related to driving, including fear of driving, speeding, accident proneness, etcetera.

Eating Disorders: transform eating problems, such as emotional eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binging, avoidant/restrictive intake.

Energetic Downloads: bringing in an energetic fashion, the divine blueprints for new qualities, habits, emotions, beliefs, desires, etcetera., downloaded into your energetic subtle bodies.

Emotions: emotional healing on both primary and secondary levels.

Entities and Frequency Interference: clearing out the subtle bodies of entities, artificial intelligence. Also known as shadow parasites or shadow vampires.

Feminine/Masculine Energy Integration: healing your feminine and masculine energies and aligning with divine templates for masculinity and femininity.

Five Elements & Feng Shui:  harnessing the power of the elements fire, water, air, earth, spirit, metal, wood. Energetic Feng Shui of environment (house, business, car, etcetera).

Forgiveness: understanding and forgiving of self and others, or this lifetime and prior live times.

Future Self Integration: identifying and integrating a version of your future self—one that is loved, healthier, successful, and the likes.

Gas Lighting: Discussing and highlighting the situation while focusing on transmuting the damage it has caused.

Gratitude: identifying the blocks towards not being able to be grateful, energetic downloads supporting gratitude, and integration of the Grateful Self hologram, at a cellular level.

Group Healing: create your own group of minimum 5 people for a session.

Higher Vibrational Field: identifying the default state vibrationally and integrating the energies above 250 Hz. – 1000 Hz.

Inner Child: getting in touch with your inner wounded child and healing the childhood traumas, karma, and mistreatments.

Infants and Toddlers:  setting the right foundation for life, including issues they could face along the way; clearing the causes towards challenging breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, bedwetting, potty training.

Infidelity: Healing hurt, and karma caused by infidelity, affairs, being cheated, etcetera

In-Laws Healing: healing emotional reactions related to in-laws and adjusting to having new in-laws.

Imprisonment: making peace with the past, for being in prison, or accepting having a loved one behind bars.

Jesus Take the Wheel: For Christian seekers who desire unwavering faith.

Karma: identifying current life karma and release the karmic cumulative effects.

Kundalini Rising: for twin flames, soul connections, especially at the start of the ascension of the “dormant snake.”

LBGTQ: issues related to “coming out”, feeling misunderstood, relationship challenges, etc.

Light Language Codes: 4 Light Language Codes for the foundation of the current year.

Love Language: identifying your love language and correct any negative tendencies that arise within this category.

Lust: healing from all issues relating to unhealthy lust, including how to control your impulses, and creating of the New Hologram with balanced sexuality and desires.

Manifesting Abundant Living: based on Kahuna and Theta waves, creating and bringing your “vision”, into your current life.

Marriage: talk about and resolve issues related to marriage, newlyweds, boredom, sexual unfulfillment, etc.

Men: let go of being disrespected, underappreciated, tricked, or used, creating the hurt and karma.

Men Going Their Own Way: clearing being judged for your decision, adjusting, healing, and integrating to MGTOW lifestyle.

Midlife Crisis: addressing issues faced during midlife crisis.

Motherhood: best for new moms, homemakers, unfulfilled mothers having issues with disciplining their child, among other things.

Money: removing financial negative imprints that can be traced back to seven bloodline generations into the past (ancestors) or affect 7 bloodline generations into the future (descendants).

Memory and Brain Acuity: tackle the issues that causes memory loss and imbalances in neurotransmitters.

Narcissistic Abuse: the realities of being with a narcissist, how you have been “hooked” and clearing emotional and psychological damage.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:  the root cause OCDs and behavior modification.

Past Life Regressions and Readings: exploring previous lives through regression, or having a psychic reading for 3 past lives ( PL)

Past Lovers Obsession: clean up past lovers’ energies and your attachments to them.

Personality Disorders: dealing with the entirety of your personality

Pets: distant healing for your sweet pets.

Phobias: get rid of certain phobias caused by unknowns, trauma, dreams, etcetera.

Photography Reading: a psychic reading based on a photograph you provide during specific periods, such as before going on a date, before starting a relationship, or a new job, etcetera.

Physical Body Healing:  identifying and releasing the spiritual causes for ailments.

Pineal Gland Optimization for Psychic Development: for increasing psychic abilities, or for someone experiencing stagnation in furthering their ESP.

Procrastination: energetic corrections and behavioral modifications necessary to tackle procrastination and its root causes.

Psychic Readings: intuitive reading for life questions, love relationships, spiritual matters. Same day service via chat.

Psychological Invalidation: the worst kind of abuse, clearing the impact in general areas of life.

Self-love: identifying ways you do not love yourself, get rid of self-loathing and create the new SELF LOVE hologram.

Seven Spiritual Initiations and Activation: get initiated into the spiritual wisdom, for ascension and spiritual maturity.

Sexual Trauma: clearing the emotional reactions, bad memories from rape, incest, molestation, sexual shaming, etcetera.

Sex Workers Healing: bringing healing to people who regret being in the porn industry, escorts, sexual objects for others etc.

Sex Addiction: for both men and women that are addicted to sex, sex distortions, watching porn, masturbation, and side effects of sexual addiction.

Shamanic Journeying: a trip into the Underworld to address long standing issues, and receiving healing through Pachamama, spirit guides, power animals and totems.

Shock and Trauma: find and release traumatic events that are stored as shock, in your emotional subtle body.

Social Phobias: Are you shy? Do you shirk from public speaking? Not liking being seen in a group setting? Identification and energetic transmutation, new Self hologram.

Soul Branch and Soul Family Clearing: correction for the Soul Branch, including six pairs of Twin Souls and Soul Family contracts.

Soul Profiling: a chart, report and consultation to understand 88 aspects of your soul that are supporting or affecting current life.

Soulffluence Healing: having a healing in my own method, based on the principle “soul is the truest boss.”

Space Clearing: energetic clearing of unwanted /stale energies from any space of your choosing.

Subconscious Mind Deprogramming: in-depth deconditioning on both subconscious and unconscious levels.

Super Consciousness Integration: get acquainted with the wisdom of your superconscious mind and integrate it at conscious level.

Teenagers: delve into all issues faced and created by teenagers, understanding, forgiveness and solutions to resolve them.

Toxic Relationships: transmute the hurt from your unhealthy relationships, including karmic partners, third party, co-workers, family members etc.

Third Party Healing by Proxy: be the conduit for someone else. Given that the person is someone you love, and your desires for themselves are their desires.

Twin Flames: assisting twin souls during the heart-mind spiritual initiation.

Verbal Vacuuming: getting rid of expressions and metaphors that we use automatically and are causing us being stuck in a low frequency.

Venting: let it all out, exactly how you feel and think it, and transmuting the energies for relief.

Victim & Villain: clear being the victim or the villain, and their cumulative effects.

Weight Issues: Are you gaining or losing weight more that you’d like? Is your image of yourself distorted? This is the session for you.

Wish Request: having a professional pray and do distant healing and manifesting commands for a specific wish.

Women: all related issues that come with being a woman.

Worthiness: struggle with confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.